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IATA Slashes Costs and Operational Overhead with Lansweeper

Headquartered in Montreal, The International Air Transport Association (IATA) is a non-profit organization. Its mission is to promote safe, reliable, secure and economical air services across the globe. IATA’s member airlines comprise 82% of the world’s scheduled traffic. At the time of its founding, IATA had 57 Members from 31 nations, mostly in Europe and North America. Today, IATA has grown to nearly 300 members across all geographic regions, and the company operates approximately 60 offices worldwide. The organization’s wide range of products and services support various functions within its members’ organizations, including finance, security, operations, strategic management, safety and more.


  • Achieved rapid deployment and widespread user adoption, no training needed
  • Gained immediate and complete visibility across the entire IT infrastructure
  • Increased IT productivity and efficiency with integrated helpdesk capabilities
  • Optimized IT software and asset management to reduce costs and operational overhead

Implementing Lansweeper was much faster than expected, and it was extremely easy to get started using the solution. It basically works out-of-the-box and begins scanning your environment automatically — no training needed.”


Cutting Costs Was a Key Driver In the Search for an ITAM Solution

The Covid-19 pandemic hit the airline industry hard. Flight frequency worldwide decreased by 72% from January 2019 to January 2021, and airlines lost an estimated $314 billion in 2020. It’s no wonder that IATA’s IT department is focused on reducing costs to help the organization weather the economic impact of the pandemic.

One way for the team to minimizing costs is to improve its ability to manage the IT estate. Hardware assets that sit idle or underutilized are a waste of resources. Outdated hardware and software can pose security risks or lead to costly downtime. Manual processes are time-consuming and error-prone, and can significantly increase operational overhead, and an inability to rapidly identify and remediate issues can impact the business’s ability to operate efficiently.

The IT Team at IATA knew that their previous solution for IT asset management wasn’t providing the efficiency and functionality that was needed to run a tighter ship, or pinpoint potential areas for cost optimization across the IT infrastructure. They needed complete visibility and accurate IT asset data — and he needed it fast. After evaluating several solutions, IATA determined Lansweeper was the best option.

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Ease of Deployment and Use Enabled Rapid Roll-Out

According to the IT Team at IATA, rolling out Lansweeper was a breeze. “Implementing Lansweeper was much faster than we expected, and it was extremely easy to get started using the solution,” they said. “It basically works out-of-the-box and begins scanning your environment automatically — no training needed.”

Once deployed, Lansweeper rapidly gathers hardware and software information on all devices across the IT environment. It combines independent, agentless scanning and agent-based scanning, then aggregates data across existing systems for complete and immediate visibility across the IT estate. The solution organizes and contextualizes the data according to an organization’s projects and processes, helping to streamline compliance activities and audits. Lansweeper also offers a ticket-based helpdesk system and capabilities for software updates on target devices.

By creating a single source of truth for all IT hardware and software assets across IATA’s organization, Lansweeper provides accurate data that can be leveraged across various IT use cases. Having this data at its fingertips empowers the IT Managers at IATA to make informed decisions about how to optimize costs and the performance of the IT infrastructure.

A Clear Path to Efficient, Cost-effective ITAM

Today about 20 people across the IT organization at IATA use Lansweeper for IT software and hardware asset management. The solution delivers significant value by improving IT’s visibility across the IT infrastructure. Although the team started using Lansweeper only in 2020, they anticipate Lansweeper will lead to even greater cost savings over time.