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Setyl Integration

Simplify compliance audits and reduce operational overhead with seamless access to Lansweeper data in Setyl

Traditional methods for ITAM such as spreadsheets are inefficient and cumbersome, making it hard for customers to track critical information for compliance audits. Additionally, managing the onboarding and offboarding processes for employees is labor-intensive and requires precise coordination. 

Setyl, an intuitive IT asset management platform for both hardware and software, helps companies streamline asset management, meet compliance requirements, and cut wasted IT spend.

Lansweeper’s advanced scanning and credential-free device recognition (CDR) technology automatically discover and inventory all network-connected devices, capturing detailed information without requiring administrative credentials. This integration allows Setyl customers to import asset data automatically, eliminating manual data entry and ensuring accuracy.

1 Setyl ITAM platform Home overview

Key Integration Features

  • Seamless Experience: Enjoy effortless and immediate access to always-accurate, up-to-date IT asset data from within Setyl.
  • Enhanced Operational Efficiency: Reduce administrative overhead with a unified view of all your corporate assets – from physical assets to IT, OT and IoT.
  • Simplified Compliance and Auditing: Easily comply with audit requirements and regulations with access to always-accurate IT asset data.


  • Lansweeper V10.01 or later
  • Lansweeper Starter, Pro, and Enterprise License Tier




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