AssetRemix Integration

Import Lansweeper data to AssetRemix automatically and in real time.

AdminRemix and Lansweeper Integration for Streamlined IT Asset Discovery and Management.

Ensure 100% accuracy and enrich your IT asset inventory with valuable data points.

AdminRemix’s ITAM solution, AssetRemix, offers seamless integration with Lansweeper, enabling customers to import complete and accurate IT asset data from their Lansweeper subscription in seconds. Once imported, AssetRemix leverages Websockets to continually update the inventory with new data as it becomes available or as new assets connect to the network. The integration eliminates hours of manual data entry and reduces the risk of errors and inaccurate data while freeing IT resources to focus on other mission-critical tasks.


Key Integration Features

  • Reduces operational overhead by eliminating manual, error-prone data entry
  • Simplifies workflows and processes while improving IT inventory accuracy
  • Automates IT asset discovery and provides real-time updates via Webhooks
  • Helps IT staff identify and fix security gaps and vulnerabilities
  • Enhances decision-making and helps IT teams maximize the ROI of their IT estate
  • Provides complete visibility over the ever-expanding IT estate





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