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Asset Panda Integration

Clear-cut Asset Management through auto-discovery.

Asset Panda’s integration with Lansweeper allows you to automatically discover all the IT assets within your network and see the entire lifecycle of your fixed assets. Perform auto-discovery of your IT assets and import them directly into Asset Panda giving you an unprecedented in-depth view of all assets and all aspects of a network.

Get insights into what you have, who has it, when it needs to be replaced, and how much maintenance work has been done for all of your assets. Integrating your asset tracking into one holistic solution can minimize security and loss risks while enabling your IT management team to gain full insight into your entire technology stack.

Video: Lansweeper x Asset Panda Integration

Key Integration Features

  • Automate IT Asset imports to get a full lifecycle view of all your IT assets
  • Rapidly bring your entire inventory of IT assets into a full-featured asset tracking platform
  • Import device data for AWS VPCs, Airwatch enrolled mobile devices, Chrome OS devices, and much more
  • Import software information from Lansweeper into Asset Panda
  • Schedule synchronization between Lansweeper and Asset Panda to keep your asset data up to date


  • Active Asset Panda subscription
  • Lansweeper Cloud
  • Admin access to both Lansweeper and Asset Panda



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