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Efecte Integration

Enrich Efecte Service Management automation with Lansweeper’s detailed asset data.

For 25 years now, Efecte has been providing organizations all over Europe with IT Service Management (ITSM), Identity and Access Management (IAM), and Enterprise Service Management (ESM) solutions to digitalize and optimize their workflows. Their cloud service not only allows their customers to operate with greater agility, but they also improve end-user experience and save costs. 

By integrating with Lansweeper, Efecte gives their users direct access to accurate, detailed, and always up-to-date IT asset data. This information is funneled from Lansweeper’s database directly into Efecte’s CMDB. Direct access to your IT asset data in your ITSM solution means faster ticket resolution, fewer tedious manual tasks, and improved service delivery. 

Efecte also boast robust reporting and visualization capabilities providing unparalleled visibility into IT infrastructure, empowering teams to generate insightful reports on-the-fly of asset change history, incidents, ownership, costs, utilization, and performance metrics. 

Efecte dashboard

Key Integration Features

  • Optimize service management workflows and minimize manual processes. 
  • Comprehensive visibility into your IT infrastructure. 
  • Identify and address potential issues by leveraging real-time insights. 
  • Reduce IT costs and avoid unnecessary expenses. 
  • Empower your IT team with actionable data and analytics.


  • Lansweeper V10.01 or later
  • Lansweeper Starter, Pro, and Enterprise License Tier




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