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Efecte + Lansweeper: Streamlined Automated Service Management

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By Laura Libeer
Lansweeper and Efecte integration

Efecte has been helping customers all over Europe to digitalize and automate their workflows since 1998. In the ITSM market, they stand out as an agile and trustworthy European alternative for service management. Through their IT Service Management (ITSM), Identity and Access Management (IAM), and Enterprise Service Management (ESM) packages, they help their customers operate with greater agility, improve the end-user experience, and save costs.

Now, Efecte is teaming up with Lansweeper to provide an even more complete and efficient solution. After all, good service management starts with good asset data.

IT Service Management (ITSM) encompasses all activities that service a company’s IT systems, assets, processes, practices, and policies. Many businesses increasingly depend on IT to keep their day-to-day operations running smoothly. Any downtime or outage can cost a company hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Effective Service management prevents downtime by supporting proactive maintenance, faster ticket resolution, and streamlined operations. They help mitigate potential problems before they escalate into significant issues by enabling rapid incident detection and response.  

ITAM and ITSM: The Perfect Match 

Integrating your Service Management with IT Asset Management has many benefits for improving organizational efficiency. First and foremost, by centralizing asset data in your service management platform. This makes tracking and managing assets throughout the entire service lifecycle easier. 

On top of that, it also enables proactive maintenance by linking asset information directly to service requests and incidents. It streamlines the troubleshooting process, allowing IT teams to identify and resolve issues quickly, minimizing downtime and disruption to business operations. 

Integrating ITAM with Service Management results in improved visibility into your IT estate, efficiency, and control over IT assets and services. This, in turn, enhances your organization’s agility and end-user experience. 

Connecting Efecte and Lansweeper 

  • Lansweeper is a powerful IT asset discovery and inventory platform that gives you full visibility into your technology assets – servers, laptops, desktops, virtual machines, operating systems, software, IoT, and OT. It creates an accurate, detailed, and always up-to-date inventory. Lansweeper data can fuel any IT scenario, from IT and software asset management (ITAM and SAM) to IT security, service desk, asset lifecycle management, software license management, business intelligence, and more. No matter what IT scenario, the data is accurate and ready to use. 

  • Efecte helps its customers digitalize and automate their processes by centralizing all IT services in a single location and other business-critical processes like identity and access management (IAM) and enterprise service management (ESM). They provide customizable reporting tools to create personal views, reports, and dashboards to gain complete insights and control into your services and operations. On top of that, everything is designed to provide an effortless, user-friendly experience for all users. 

Efecte has now developed a connector for you to bring both of these offers together. It is available in the Lansweeper Marketplace, where you can find a wide range of extensions and integrations that let you leverage Lansweeper IT asset data in various IT scenarios to customize and enhance your experience. The Efecte connector lets you populate Lansweeper data directly into Efecte’s CMDB, giving you easy access to asset information in any service management situation.

Efecte ITSM Dashboard

Why Lansweeper and Efecte? 

Combine Lansweeper’s best-in-class IT discovery capabilities with Efecte to level up your ITSM.

Streamline Operations

Seamlessly integrate Efecte Service Management with Lansweeper Asset Discovery to optimize service management workflows and minimize manual processes. Keep your IT asset data close for faster incident response and efficient change management.

Enhanced Visibility

Decide which assets and fields are fetched to Efecte Service Management to gain comprehensive visibility into your IT infrastructure, seamlessly combining Efecte capabilities with Lansweeper asset discovery. Combine Lansweeper’s technical asset data with Efecte’s organizational information for a complete view of your IT infrastructure.

Proactive Issue Resolution

Identify and address potential issues before they impact operations by leveraging real-time insights provided by the unified platform. Keep a close eye on your asset health and easily track what issues affect which assets to find weak spots in your network.

Cost Savings

Reduce IT costs and avoid unnecessary expenses through better asset management and service optimization facilitated by the combined power of Efecte and Lansweeper. Ensure you use the available resources efficiently, streamline procurement decisions, and minimize downtime.

Improved Decision-making

Empower your IT team with actionable data and analytics, enabling informed decision-making and strategic planning for future growth and development.

Get Started with the Efecte Integration 

Direct access to asset data makes for better service management overall. Get started with Lansweeper and Efecte to optimize and streamline your processes.

The integration is available for you in the marketplace. For more information about this integration, check out our integration page.


Combining Lansweeper + Efecte

Streamline your processes across organizational boundaries with automated IT Service Management.


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