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Streamlining IT Management with Lansweeper and TOPdesk: The Fagus-GreCon Story

3 min. read
By Clemence Segaud
Fagus Grecon Topdesk Sucess story 1

Fagus-GreCon, a global leader in industrial safety technology, faced significant challenges with device management and IT asset tracking. Despite using Liongard for inventory and change management, syncing with their CMDB remained a hurdle, causing inefficiencies and compliance issues. To address these challenges, Fagus-GreCon turned to an innovative integration between Lansweeper and TOPdesk.

Addressing IT Asset Management Challenges

Fagus-GreCon’s existing setup with Liongard provided historical asset data and change detection capabilities, but it struggled to maintain a synchronized and up-to-date Configuration Management Database (CMDB). This lack of synchronization led to data inconsistencies, making it difficult to manage IT assets efficiently and maintain compliance with industry regulations. 

The company needed a solution that could provide real-time asset data, streamline operations and ensure a reliable and accurate CMDB.

Lansweeper + TOPdesk: A Seamless Solution

Integrating Lansweeper, a market-leading IT discovery and inventory platform, with TOPdesk’s comprehensive IT Service Management (ITSM) solution offered the perfect solution. 

Lansweeper’s ability to automatically discover and inventory all networked devices provided Fagus-GreCon with real-time, accurate asset data. This data seamlessly flows into TOPdesk’s CMDB, ensuring that all information is always up-to-date and synchronized.

TOPdesk’s user-friendly interface and robust ticketing system complement Lansweeper’s powerful discovery capabilities. This integration allowed Fagus-GreCon’s IT team to manage service requests, handle incidents and process changes more efficiently. 

With a unified platform, Fagus-GreCon’s IT team can more easily collaborate to reduce downtime and improve service delivery.

Transformative Results for Fagus-GreCon

The integration of Lansweeper with TOPdesk transformed Fagus-GreCon’s IT operations. They experienced improved accuracy in their CMDB, which led to more efficient IT asset management and enhanced compliance with industry standards. 

With data flowing seamlessly from Lansweeper to TOPdesk, administrative overhead was substantially reduced. By eliminating manual tasks, the team also benefits from fewer errors and inconsistencies.

Leveraging the strengths of both platforms, Fagus-GreCon can now focus on their core business activities while ensuring their IT infrastructure remains robust and secure. The real-time insights and detailed reporting provided by the integration enable the IT team to proactively address potential issues, reducing the likelihood of network intrusions and other security threats.

“With the Lansweeper and TOPdesk integration, we’re always aware of any changes in our environment,” said Carsten Bliessen, Head of Information Management at Fagus-GreCon. “Before we were a small team, but as we grow, you can’t know every computer and every employee. Now we have instant access to that information at our fingertips.”

Interested in learning more about how Fagus-GreCon leveraged the Lansweeper and TOPdesk integration to overcome their IT challenges? Read the full case study and discover how your organization can benefit from this powerful integration.


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