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Fagus-GreCon Optimizes Security and IT Efficiency with Lansweeper and TOPdesk


  • Improve IT asset management efficiency
  • Enhance data accuracy in the CMDB
  • Ensure compliance with industry standards
  • Strengthen IT security


  • Able to access to real-time, accurate IT asset data in TOPdesk
  • Automated asset tracking and reporting
  • Enhanced control over growing IT estate

Fagus-GreCon, a global leader in fire prevention and measurement technology, serves various industrial sectors, including the wood, metal, and medical industries. With a workforce of around 700 employees worldwide and a head office in Germany, the company needed an efficient IT asset management (ITAM) and security solution to support their growing operations.

Fagus-GreCon was facing significant challenges with device management and IT asset tracking. Although they had been using another tool for asset inventory and change detection, which provided historical asset data, it struggled with CMDB synchronization. This gap in functionality led to inefficiencies and compliance issues. 

“After a year, we had some issues with equalization to the CMDB, and reality showed that we didn’t use the historical view of the assets as much as we thought we would.We needed a more intuitive, out-of-the-box solution that could seamlessly integrate with our existing systems and enhance IT operations.”

Carsten Bliessen
Head of Information Management

The Perfect Pair: Lansweeper and TOPdesk Integration

TOPdesk is a comprehensive ITSM solution designed to help organizations effectively manage and streamline their IT services. It provides a unified platform for service teams to collaborate, process requests and handle incidents efficiently, to minimize downtime and disruption. By centralizing these functions, TOPdesk ITSM ensures that IT departments can maintain high levels of service quality and user satisfaction.

Integrating Lansweeper, the market-leading IT discovery and inventory platform, with TOPdesk allows teams to maintain a complete and accurate CMDB automatically and at all times, providing full IT asset visibility. Through the integration, Lansweeper data flows into the TOPdesk CMDB automatically, reducing risk and administrative overhead, and ensuring that IT service management, audits and certifications have precise and reliable data. 

Fagus-GreCon chose Lansweeper for its robust IT asset data capabilities and TOPdesk for its user-friendly ticketing system. The integration between the two solutions offered solved the company’s IT asset management challenges, providing real-time asset data and streamlining operations. 

“The main reason for purchasing Lansweeper was its ability to enrich CMDB data. We also see a big advantage in day-to-day business for supporting processes. Our engineers were on-board because the platform is so easy and intuitive.”

Carsten Bliessen
Head of Information Management

Swift Implementation, Impressive Results

According to Carsten Bliessen, implementation was remarkably fast and easy. “Within half a day, we had a proof of concept running, with servers, cloud environments and initial devices integrated,” he said. 

By auto-populating TOPdesk with detailed IT asset data, Fagus-CreCon’s IT team can contextualize security events and alerts with real-time information about devices, locations, installed software, users and more. As a result, they can orchestrate a response, manage security operations, conduct threat hunting, and automate security policies with confidence and efficiency. 

Automated asset tracking and reporting reduce the time and resources spent on manual processes, saving money and enhancing productivity. What’s more, linking hardware and software information to support tickets streamlines IT support, making it easier to troubleshoot and resolve issues. 

“With the Lansweeper and TOPdesk integration, we’re always aware of any changes in our environment. Before we were a small team, but as we grow, you can’t know every computer and every employee. Now we have instant access to that information at our fingertips.”

Carsten Bliessen
Head of Information Management

A Look Ahead: Future Enhancements

By integrating Lansweeper with TOPdesk, Fagus-GreCon has significantly enhanced their IT asset management, compliance and security operations. This integration has provided them with the tools to support their growing business with more efficient lifecycle and investment planning, and ensure efficient IT service management.

Fagus-GreCon plans to further explore the capabilities of Lansweeper and TOPdesk, particularly in the area of vulnerability management and IT asset lifecycle processes, to continue improving their IT operations and security posture. 

“Integrating Lansweeper with TOPdesk has significantly improved our ability to maintain an accurate CMDB, which is crucial for keeping track of and supporting our growing IT infrastructure,” Carsten Bliessen said.

Learn how to take advantage of the Lansweeper + TOPdesk integration in your organization.