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Increase The ROI of ServiceNow With CMDB Automation

4 min. read
By Karen Lambrechts

As a platformServiceNow continues to evolve. Back in the early days (think of the “B” or Berlin edition), there was even an option to implement it as an on-premises solution. 

In those days, ServiceNow was almost solely an IT Service Management tool. Given the depth and breadth of the platform today, it’s hard to imagine that it was used to only transact the core ITIL processes.

Roll forward ten or so years, and with a stellar amount of improvements, the platform has become an incredibly universal and powerful workflow engine capable of powering an impressive array of IT and non-IT business processes.

Getting to this point has taken tremendous investment on the part of ServiceNow. ServiceNow was once so affordable that there wasn’t much need to justify ROI; the solution enables organisations to significantly improve their key IT Service Management functions, such as Service Desk, Infrastructure Operations and more, cost-effectively.

What does this history have to do with CMDB automation today? And what does it have to do with increasing ROI on what is likely the most comprehensive service management and workflow solution on the planet?

Discovery Is Essential


The vast majority of organisations continue to suffer from the same CMDB challenges they had 10 years ago. While the breadth and depth of functionality has increased exponentially — along with the cost of implementing and owning the platform — the same underpinning constraints remain. 

Without a fully automated IT asset discovery solution capable of synchronizing with ServiceNow CMDB, significant amounts of ServiceNow’s functionality is limited. Why? Because the underpinning Configuration Item (CI) data is either missing entirely, is a poor subset of what’s out there in the organisation, or is largely (or entirely) inaccurate in a variety of other ways.

But all hope is not lost. There are two important reasons for solving the problem of CMDB automation, rapidly and comprehensively:

  1. Dramatically improved ITSM (and non-ITSM) processes. Major improvement gains become possible for Change Management, Incident Management, Critical Incident Management, Problem Management, Configuration Management and even Service Request Management with enhanced workflows. Improving these processes reduces risk while boosting responsiveness, which, in turn, improves customer satisfaction and organisational efficiency.
  2. Increased ROI: The platform owner of ServiceNow within an organisation can demonstrate significant improvements in the overall ROI of ServiceNow.

It’s time for organisations to have a highly sophisticated yet low-cost solution for CMDB automation that is fast and easy to deploy, and optimizes their investment in ServiceNow. 

It’s time to solve CMDB automation! 

Combining Syncfish with Lansweeper for CMDB Automation

As the market’s leading and most comprehensive IT asset discovery platform, Lansweeper automatically and continuously discovers everything — servers, laptops, desktops, virtual machines, operating systems, software and IoT assets — to create an always-accurate, up-to-date inventory with detailed and granular IT asset data, in minutes. Through a seamless integration with CI Synchronizer (Enterprise Edition), Powered by Syncfish, Lansweeper can auto-populate your CMDB with the most accurate, up-to-date IT asset inventory, eliminating manual updates and errors. 

CI Syncronizer is a highly scalable SaaS solution that seamlessly correlates and synchronizes Lansweeper discovered assets into your ServiceNow CMDB. It maps more than 30 Lansweeper asset types to CMDB CI classes out-of-the-box, more than 15 sets of CI related lists derived from Lansweeper data, and over 80 possible CI-to-CI relationships automatically derived and set within the CMDB. With complete and accurate data in your CMDB, you can:

  • Reduce waste associated with idle or damaged IT assets
  • Understand the current state of deployed software and plan for updates & rollouts
  • Proactively address vulnerabilities and security risks before they lead to serious issues
  • Simplify compliance with ITIL/ITSM processes

And if these benefits aren’t compelling enough, consider that the solution can be up and running in under 90 minutes!

Contact us to see how to finally solve the CMDB automation challenge, and at the same time boost the ROI of your ServiceNow installation.


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