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ServiceNow Service Graph Connector Integration

By integrating your CMDB with an automated IT asset discovery platform, organizations can keep their database accurate, secure, and up-to-date, automatically. This reduces both the error-prone nature and the time spent on manual updates and frees up IT to work on other mission-critical tasks.

Lansweeper is unique in the vendor space of ITAM as we are dedicated to building a single, re-usable inventory that is not tied to a specific use case. We provide centralized data for our customer’s IT, which supports a wide range of scenarios. Our customers use our solution for what it does best: discovering & inventorying the IT estate. They are using this data to support an ever-growing set of use-cases, building on top of the data Lansweeper provides via integration for collaboration across their organization.

  • Eliminate blind spots and enable complete visibility. Lansweeper helps businesses gain an in-depth understanding of which IT assets exist, who is using what and how assets are used.
  • Boost productivity. Lansweeper substantially reduces the time IT teams spend on routine, yet key assignments. This task automation is critical for businesses with restricted staff and IT spending plans.
  • Improve cybersecurity. If businesses don’t know what IT Assets they have, they can’t manage or protect them. Identify risks, vulnerabilities, and non-compliance issues before they become a problem.

Key Integration Features

Service Graph Connector for Lansweeper

  • Import all of your Lansweeper discovered assets to your ServiceNow instance.
    • Support to map other assets types
    • Support of Software Asset Management
  • The integration automatically maps and translates the asset data to your instance.
  • Keep updated with the integrated webhooks that automatically sends any discovered changes from your Lansweeper database to your instance.


ServiceNow System Requirements

  • System Import Sets 1.0.0
  • Integration Commons for CMDB 2.12.0
  • IntegrationHub ETL 3.2.1
  • Robust Transform Engine 1.0.0
  • ITOM Discovery License 1.0.0

Other Requirements
Minimum, Lansweeper local web console V9.3.0.6 and license to Lansweeper Cloud.

Usage of this Service Graph Connector requires a subscription to a Subscription Unit based IT Operations Management (ITOM) Visibility or ITOM Discovery application. Managed IT Resources (as defined in Section 1.1 of the ServiceNow Subscription Unit Overview – created or modified in the CMDB by this Service Graph Connector, but not yet managed by ITOM Visibility or ITOM Discovery, will increase Subscription Unit consumption within that application. Customers should review their current Subscription Unit consumption within ITOM Visibility or ITOM Discovery to ensure available capacity.




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