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Lansweeper considers integrity as one of its core principles. For this reason, Lansweeper has established a whistleblowing mechanism for its employees and external parties. This mechanism allows them to report any violation of internal policies and procedures, unethical behavior, fraud, poor quality, or other violations of laws and regulations confidentially and anonymously following Lansweeper’s General Whistleblowing Policy.

Thanks to the new whistleblowing mechanism, there is now a safe and accessible reporting system that allows you to make reports and provides adequate protection against possible reprisals. The whistleblowing mechanism can notify us of serious wrongdoing that affects people, our organization, society, or the environment. Your reporting may include information about criminal offenses, irregularities, violations, or other acts violating European or national law in a work-related context. You do not have to support your suspicions with evidence. However, reports must be made in good faith.

In this way, Lansweeper hopes to lower the threshold for raising any wrongdoing without fearing dire consequences such as suspension or dismissal.


We invite you to read our General Policy on Whistleblowing for more information about the scope, the reporting procedure, and the protection mechanisms.

We invite you to read our Privacy Policy on Whistleblowing for more information about processing your personal data to comply with the Whistleblowing regulations.

Reporting Channels

Following article VI of our General Whistleblowing Policy, we have implemented several Reporting Channels following article VI.

Our primary internal reporting channel is our WhistleBlowing Service, WhistleB. You can submit an online and anonymous report via our reporting service. Following the form’s instructions, your report will be submitted quickly and securely. When you submit your report, you will receive a personal ID and password on the screen. You will remain anonymous throughout this process.