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Security and Vulnerability Insights

Identify Critical Vulnerabilities & Threats

Leverage vulnerability information from the VulnCheck and VulDB databases, gain visibility of assets that have known vulnerabilities along with a severity indicator, exploitability, and patch information. Leverage Risk Insights for faster triage and incident response.

  • Stay on top of potential threats to your assets.
  • Identify weak spots in your cybersecurity.
  • Prioritize at-risk assets based on real data.
  • Stay on top of patches and updates.
  • Remain compliant with industry regulations.

A Comprehensive View of Device Vulnerabilities

The attack surface of the average company is growing year after year, and the teams responsible need the right tools to help them identify vulnerabilities within their IT estate. Increase your security posture by having a complete overview of all your devices’ vulnerabilities. Leverage the power of VulnCheck and VulDB vulnerability data for a comprehensive understanding of potential threats.

Easily Prioritize Remediation Efforts with Actionable Vulnerability Insights

Easily track which assets may be at risk and the severity of each vulnerability, allowing you to prioritize and immediately intervene where it is most needed.

  • Access patch information and specific patches when available for each asset.
  • Prioritize which vulnerabilities need attention based on priorities like exploitability, patch info, attack vectors, root cause, and more.

Visualizing Asset Vulnerabilities for Rapid Incident Response

Dedicated dashboards & reports visually represent asset vulnerabilities, allowing for faster triage and incident response. Easily track, prioritize, and intervene where necessary, ensuring a proactive approach to cybersecurity. Our reports empower you to make informed decisions to fortify your security posture.

Lansweeper Platform Integrations

Optimizing Security Workflows with Lansweeper’s API

When every second counts, having all the information you need at your fingertips empowers you to act quickly and resolve a security event before damage occurs. Lansweeper integrates seamlessly with leading cybersecurity SIEM and SOAR tools, enriching incident alerts with relevant asset data. Leverage the Lansweeper API to fuel your custom integrations with vulnerability data, severity indicators, and patch information to strengthen your security ecosystem.

  • Where does Lansweeper get its vulnerability information? +

    Lansweeper leverages information from VulnCheck, VulDB, CISA (Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency), and MS (Microsoft) databases. By utilizing information from these databases, Lansweeper ensures that it stays up-to-date with the latest vulnerabilities and security advisories.

  • How do I hide vulnerabilities that are not relevant to me? +

    While Lansweeper’s Vulnerability Insights strives to show you vulnerability information that is relevant to your assets, it is possible that you already have other security measures in place that mitigate the risk or that there is a false positive. In that case, you can use the ignore vulnerability feature to remove them from your overview.

  • Can I patch my affected devices directly from Lansweeper? +

    Patches cannot be deployed directly from Lansweeper’s Vulnerability Insights feature. However, if patch information is available, you will find links to more information and where to download and install the patches.


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