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Licenseware Integration provides a modular solution to manage software assets more effectively.

Companies typically manage their software apps one of two ways: manually using Excel spreadsheets or by using large, all-in-one software systems that provide more functionality than is needed, large and expensive end-to-end solutions that encompass the platform, implementation, and advisory services. What is the solution? A modular approach, with solutions that are specialized for specific high-risk vendors, such as Oracle, IBM, Microsoft, and others.

With SAM often being a seasonal requirement many companies don’t have the budget to invest in a full year’s license for a SAM tool, currently offers six applications, some proprietary and some developed in collaboration with partners, targeted at specific areas of SAM. The apps are modular and specific, eliminating the need for monolithic SAM platforms while automating key SAM processes and tasks. Customers can choose to leverage only the functionality they need when they need it, and pay for it only when they use it!

Lansweeper and Licenseware – Best of Breed Software License Management

Integration Demo

For Lansweeper On Prem

For Lansweeper Cloud / API

Key Integration Features

Pulling Lansweeper data into specialized apps designed to meet the needs of enterprise software vendors like Microsoft, Oracle, and others, makes it easier for customers to understand and analyze their software assets, optimize costs, simplify compliance during vendor audits, and improve cybersecurity. Out of the box, you pull data from Lansweeper with a provided set of queries that are executed as custom reports, you simply export the data, drag and drop it into, and access an analysis of existing software licenses. Lansweeper customers benefit from rapid access to granular data about their software assets and licenses, delivered in a format that simplifies license management and audits.  





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