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Licenseware Integration

Lansweeper + Licenseware: A Specialized Approach to Software Asset Management

Software Asset Management (SAM) plays a strategic role in strengthening IT security, optimizing IT spend, license compliance, and operational agility – and a solid SAM strategy starts with a clear view of your software landscape. But first, you must overcome numerous challenges, from gaining visibility across the technology estate, to understanding licensing and compliance requirements, cybersecurity, change management and more.

Companies typically manage their software apps manually using Excel spreadsheets or with large, monolithic software systems that provide more functionality than is needed. A modular approach with solutions that are specialized for specific high-risk vendors such as Oracle, IBM, Microsoft, and others is a better way to go.

Lansweeper’s integration with Licenseware delivers on this capability. By combining Lansweeper’s comprehensive IT discovery capabilities with Licenseware’s license compliance software and advanced licensing data analysis, the Lansweeper + Licenseware integration empowers businesses to navigate the complexities of SAM with unprecedented efficiency and accuracy. 


Lansweeper and Licenseware – Empower Your IT Asset Management


Key Integration Features

  • Lansweeper offers comprehensive visibility into the most complex licenses from publishers like Microsoft, Oracle, Adobe, and more, providing a complete picture of the hardware and software in your IT environment. Through the integration, Licenseware pulls this Lansweeper data into specialized apps using an API or file upload, then analyzes licensing information in minutes to enable better decision-making, licensing compliance, spend optimization, and reduced security risk.
  • Licenseware offers specialized analysis and optimizations tailored specifically for managing licenses. Its modular apps handle vendor-specific data for complex vendors such as Microsoft, Oracle, Red Hat, and Adobe. Companies benefit from rapid access to top-level insights and granular usage data about their software installations and required licenses in an intuitive format that can be shared easily with the relevant stakeholders.


  • Lansweeper Cloud or On-prem V10.0.1 or higher
  • Licenseware subscription




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