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Software Inventory & License Audit
Use Case – Lansweeper for SAM

What is Software Asset Management?

Achieving Cost Savings & Minimizing SAM Compliance Risks


  • Gain Complete Visibility of your IT Asset Estate with Lansweeper
  • IT Discovery is the Prime Directive for Software Asset Management

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The Purpose of Software Asset Management

Every business needs performant and trustworthy Software Asset Management. SAM enables you to purchase, deploy, use, control, protect and dispose of your software assets. It is usually seen as part of a larger IT Asset Management strategy. Software Asset Management can reduce IT costs and can limit business and legal risks related to the ownership and use of software. What’s more, SAM gives you the opportunity to enhance user productivity and maximize IT performance.

Software Inventory & License Audit

Software Asset Management to Reduce Your IT Spend

SAM has become an integral part of improving IT processes. A complete SAM solution will save your organization both money on software licensing and time spent performing manual license management tasks. Your organization will also see a greatly reduced risk of a licensing non-compliance fine from a software audit. Lansweeper’s Software Asset Management capabilities offer critical aid for IT professionals looking to reduce their IT costs.

Lansweeper provides user inventory management capabilities.

IT Discovery: The Prime Directive for SAM

Gartner states that an organization can save up to 30% of their software spend in the first year of implementing a Software Asset Management program. To do this, an organization must accurately discover and report on the network’s entire software estate and combine the data with its software license entitlement. This information highlights duplicate applications, unused programs and shadow IT, and can aid in harvesting existing licenses, and understanding where alternative licensing options can be used to avoid making unnecessary purchases.

Track, change and manage user data with Lansweeper's user inventory capabilities for on-premises and cloud.

Manage Software Licenses Automatically

An effective Software Asset Management platform will automatically search entitlement sources (such as the Microsoft Licensing Statement) to check all items against manufacturers’ software catalogues. This ensures special licensing terms are associated with the necessary base licenses, including upgrades and maintenance. This type of information can be reconciled against Lansweeper inventory data to establish an accurate software license position. We offer this combined functionality through our integrations. Lansweeper’s software asset data uses standardized naming conventions across the platform and is integrated with the UNSPSC standard to more easily integrate with your tech stack.

Data Center and Virtual Environment Visualization

Using data taken from the Lansweeper discovery platform, our Software Asset Management features will provide a diagram of guest host clusters and data center relationships. With the proper Lansweeper integrations you can also represent the impact of any mobility granted, along with an understanding of any affinity and anti-affinity rules. With this understanding, an organization can identify areas for significant cost savings in server licensing as well as protect against compliance issues. With Lansweeper, costly non-compliance fines following a software audit belong to the past.

Lansweeper's SAM Capabilities

Lansweeper’s Software License Compliance capabilities allows you to automatically track software license keys, build a basic overview of software license purchases, and track software product pricing. While Lansweeper offers basic compliance functionality and comprehensive reporting, combining Lansweeper with a complete Software Asset Management platform enables you to step up your SAM-game. Ready to add full Software Asset Management to your Lansweeper platform?

Vulnerability Insights

Stay on Top of Vulnerabilities​

Constant updates to your software pose an equally constant risk of new vulnerabilities popping up. In order to respond quickly to potential threats, it is essential to know which vulnerabilities may be affecting your network at all times. Lansweeper’s Risk Insights draws from the VulnCheck and VulDB Vulnerability Databases to give you a complete overview of all known vulnerabilities. This way you can easily track which assets may be at risk, as well as the severity of each vulnerability, exploitability, and patch information allowing you to prioritize and immediately intervene where it is needed the most.


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