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License Dashboard

License Dashboard combines unrivalled software asset management  (SAM) and licensing expertise with professionally developed solutions. It supports fast-growing organizations to effectively manage their IT expenditure, while reducing and optimizing costs, maximizing software utilization, and transforming the software lifecycle.

Together with its partners, License Dashboard empowers your organization with SAM technology that highlights and mitigates risks and improves ROI. From point-in-time effective licensing position (ELP) programs and monitoring and optimizing variable cloud costs, to ongoing license compliance and IT asset management (ITAM) initiatives, License Dashboard’s advanced portfolio of products and services help you to visualize, optimize, and realize your software licenses.

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Lansweeper Services

By enhancing your Lansweeper platform with License Dashboard’s Software License Management app you can be confident of reducing software license costs by up to 30%. You will receive a best in class Software Asset Management (SAM) tool to deliver a solution that meets your objectives throughout the software asset’s lifecycle.

Lansweeper customers can take advantage of an exclusive offer for License Manager, designed to make Software Asset Management available to any organization.

Your organization will benefit from:

– Industry recognized leading software license management tool
– License reconciliation to identify and mitigate immediate and sustained compliance risks
– Licensing optimization for cost reduction and procurement efficiency
– Identifying underutilized assets for removal and re-harvest
– Delivery of quantifiable cost savings and cost avoidance
– Improved SAM governance
– Online product training and telephone support

License Dashboard have partnered with Lansweeper to provide a full end-to-end discovery and license management technology that covers all platforms. Lansweeper integrates directly into License Manager and can be scheduled to collect data on any frequency.

Check out how you can combine Lansweeper & License Dashboard for complete SAM.

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