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5 Reasons You Need the Lansweeper + Licenseware Integration Bundle

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By Clemence Segaud
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Gartner predicts enterprise spending on software to increase by 14.1% this year and surpass the $1 trillion mark, up from about $923 billion in 2023. With so much software to manage, effective and efficient Software Asset Management (SAM) is crucial. In fact, 60% of IT professionals surveyed by Deloitte said reducing financial exposure from vendor audits was a key driver in adopting SAM.

Lansweeper and Licenseware have teamed up to provide an integrated SAM solution that provides complete visibility into your software assets and the ability to analyze and report on software licensing data in minutes. The solution eliminates the need for manual data entry and Excel spreadsheets while providing an unprecedented level of visibility and insight into software licensing compliance and spend. It’s a modular solution that helps you manage software from the most complex vendors, including Microsoft, Oracle and more.

Here are 5 reasons you should take advantage of our bundled offering and seamless integration:

  1. Software is the backbone of your business: Software is integral to modern business operations, offering tools and solutions that touch every aspect of a business, from operational efficiency and decision-making to customer engagement and competitive strategy. By automating repetitive tasks, facilitating efficient data management, and enabling informed strategic planning through data analysis, software significantly improves operational capabilities. This automation and analysis not only boost productivity but also allow businesses to scale flexibly in response to market demands, offering a clear path for growth and innovation. 

    Software tools are key for refining customer experiences and service, providing personalized interactions that foster loyalty and increase revenue. Used strategically, software yields competitive advantages, streamlining communication and collaboration, ensuring compliance with regulatory standards, and safeguarding against cybersecurity threats. These benefits collectively contribute to cost reductions and financial efficiency, directly impacting a company’s bottom line.

  2. Licensing is increasingly complex – and expensive: The complexity and expense of software licensing stem from the diverse array of licensing models, the need for meticulous compliance management, rapid technological changes, the shift towards cloud and SaaS, audit risks, and international legal considerations. There are numerous software licensing models, including perpetual, subscription-based, usage-based, and open-source licenses, each with its own set of terms and conditions. Businesses must navigate these options to find the most cost-effective and suitable model for their needs, which requires a thorough understanding of the implications of each model.

    Plus, software solutions are continually evolving. Keeping up with the latest versions and understanding their licensing requirements demands constant vigilance. For businesses operating in multiple countries, international licensing adds another layer of complexity. Different countries may have varying legal frameworks and enforcement practices regarding software use, necessitating a nuanced approach to compliance.
  1. Remote and hybrid work environments are here to stay: The shift towards remote working and hybrid workplaces has intensified the need for effective SAM. Employees working from various locations, often on personal or mobile devices, can inadvertently complicate licensing compliance. The diversity of access points and platforms requires a more dynamic approach to SAM, to ensure that software deployments remain within licensed parameters, avoiding unauthorized use that could lead to legal and financial repercussions.

    What’s more, the rise of remote and hybrid work environments accelerates the adoption of cloud-based services and Software as a Service (SaaS) solutions, which come with their own unique licensing challenges. These models often involve subscription-based licenses that can vary widely in terms of usage limits, concurrent access, and other metrics that determine cost. As the workforce becomes more fluid, managing these subscriptions becomes increasingly complex, requiring businesses to carefully monitor and adjust their software assets in line with actual usage. 
  1. Non-compliance can cost you: Preparing for and responding to vendors’ audits requires significant resources, and any found non-compliance can result in hefty fines and the need to purchase additional licenses at a premium. Businesses must carefully manage their software assets to avoid under-licensing that could lead to legal penalties, or over-licensing that could result in unnecessary expenses. 
  1. Knowledge is power: SAM empowers businesses to make more informed and strategic decisions regarding IT spending. SAM provides comprehensive visibility into an organization’s software assets, including what software is being used, by whom, and how frequently. With this information, companies can streamline their software portfolio, ensuring that investments are aligned with actual business needs and usage patterns, thereby optimizing IT spend.

    With a clear understanding of their software usage and needs, businesses can enter negotiations with software vendors from a position of strength. SAM provides the data necessary to negotiate more favorable terms, such as bulk discounts, flexible licensing options, or additional features, further optimizing IT expenditures.

Ultimately, SAM is indispensable for managing software assets effectively, reducing costs, and mitigating compliance risks, making it a crucial practice for businesses in today’s digital landscape. But it has to be done right. The partnership between Lansweeper and Licenseware enables a comprehensive solution, providing a holistic approach to tackle SAM challenges.

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