Software Inventory & License Audit​

  • Discover, inventory & track all software installations
  • Be audit ready at all times
  • Detect Newly Installed Software
  • Leverage built-in software reports
  • Achieve cost savings & minimize compliance risks

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Inventory & Control All Software Assets​

Knowing which software is installed on your network and how many times a specific piece of software is deployed can be a big challenge for any business. Actively identifying newly installed software across your network adds an additional layer of complexity, an IT audit is almost impossible without an automated solution.

Scan Your Network for Installed Software​

Scan your network with Lansweeper to automatically get a complete software inventory from all Windows, Linux and Mac assets. Report on software installations within your network by either using some of the built-in reports or by creating your own custom report.

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Detect Newly Installed Software

To reduce the risks of breaches and downtime, IT techs need to be able to detect when new software is installed and quickly determine all the details. Lansweeper delivers complete visibility into what is happening across your network, including newly installed software. Create an email alert and you will immediately receive a detailed notification whenever new software is installed.

tracking software memory and other changes on windows computers 2 2

Mark Software as (Un)Authorized

Software on Windows computers can be marked as authorized (approved), unauthorized (denied) or unrated (neutral). By default, any new software detected in your network is marked as neutral. When you’ve configured software authorization, you can use one of the built-in Lansweeper reports to keep track of unauthorized software installations in your network to generate an IT audit.

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Track Software License Keys

Automatically scan your network for several hundred different types of license keys. Supported publishers include Microsoft, Adobe, and Autodesk. Control your license key scanning, select which license keys you would like to scan or add your registry locations with specific license keys you want to scan. Retrieve keys and product IDs from computers and find the results on their respective web pages or in the built-in product key reports.

managing operating system licenses 7

Audit Software License Purchases

Lansweeper facilitates license compliance management of general software, SQL instances, and OS installations. After indicating how many you own of each license item, Lansweeper will compare these data with scanned installation records to determine how many licenses are missing. With pricing information submitted for each license item, your license costs are calculated automatically.

Scan Your Entire Network in Seconds

Discover Software Installations for Windows, Linux & Mac Devices.