Remote Registry Scanner

Analyze Your Computers with the Greatest Detail

Lansweeper's remote registry scanner allows you to get the mostout of the information on your network. The Windows registry, or regedit, holds information like settings and options for programs, features, and hardware. While other Lansweeper-scans retrieve the most important information from computers, the registry scanner allows you to scan the most detailed information from your computers. The remote registry scanner ensures that you can retrieve even the most niche information and use it to manage and control your network better.

Retrieve Registry Values

Enter the registry path and value you would like to scan on your network, rescan your network and you're done. The most detailed information on your assets made available easily. In combination with reporting, scanned registry values become a powerful tool to analyze and control your network in detail.

Take Actions Based on Data

You can view the results of the registry scan on the asset's page, you can get an overview of all assets which returned a result or you can create your own custom report with endless capabilities.

Generate a list of assets where WSUS updates keep failing. Create an overview of all assets which require a reboot. Build a complete view of all users with a specific program setting. Check which assets have specific features enabled. These are just a few examples of how you can use information scanned from the registry in custom reports to get the most out of Lansweeper regardless of the specific use case you have.

Video | How to Scan Registry Values

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