Software License Compliance

Track software license keys


Lansweeper's license compliance automatically scans your network for several different types of license keys. Supported publishers include Microsoft, Adobe, and Autodesk. Keys and product IDs are retrieved from computers and can be found on their respective webpages or in the built-in product key reports. Custom reports can be built from scratch as well.

Software license keys overview

Track software license purchases

The configuration console facilitates software license management of general software, SQL instances, and OS installations. You can submit single software packages for license compliance or group several together under one header. After indicating how many you own of each license item, Lansweeper will compare that data against scanned installation records to determine how many licenses are missing to help you with your software licensing audits.

Track software purchases

Track product pricing

Lansweeper can help predict the financial impact of becoming fully compliant. With pricing information submitted for each license item, Lansweeper will calculate the cost of filling in any missing licenses for both individual license items and your network as a whole.

Calculate software pricing and license compliance

Create detailed reports

Reports on the compliance status of your network can be exported through the report builder. The builder also enables you to retrieve even more detailed information. Want to list only those licenses of which a certain number are in use? Or calculate the percentage of licenses used for each license item? You can achieve all of this through custom reports.


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