Why SysAdmins Deserve A Raise

Sysadmin appreciation day

With SysAdmin Day around the corner, we want to dedicate this article to the invisible IT workforce in every company. Not enough people know about System Administrator Appreciation Day, so we have a handful of reasons why SysAdmins deserve appreciation, and not only on July 27th.

Dealing With Users

If there's one thing that IT Pros have to deal with, it's problematic users. There will always be that one user - or five - who stops you in the hallway. "I can't print", "Can you reset my password?" or "I spilled coffee on my laptop" are all part the SysAdmin's daily torture. But it doesn't end here. After an entire day of fixing issues, they can go home... to fix more computer problems.

It's hard for SysAdmins to save the day for everyone at the same time. As a user, the issue you experience is as urgent as the next person's. The flood of tickets, emails, and calls when something needs an urgent fix can be overwhelming. A quick heads up: they have other tasks on their plate.


Constant Availability

A complex network requires time and undivided attention. That's something that your SysAdmin might not always be able to do. With hundreds of users and devices to take care of, admins already have a ton of responsibilities. Most system administrators are always on-call since they have a network infrastructure which needs to run 24/7. Getting paged or called at 3 a.m. in the morning when a server goes down, it's all part of the job.

IT pros strive to be proactive and plan, but they must also respond to urgent day-to-day challenges. Keeping everything running takes up time. Time they cannot be spent on things that are more fundamental. Instead, they rush all over the place, putting out wildfires.

Sysadmin at work

Job Appreciation

SysAdmins are like the puppet masters who stay behind the curtain, pull all the strings, and make things work. Employees encounter issues and get them resolved, but they rarely get to see the people behind all the hard work.

If they do their job in an efficient way, no problems will arise, and people wouldn't even realize that there's a person back there, fighting off the threats. The lack of recognition decreases the level of job appreciation and satisfaction that SysAdmins have.

It's time to show your appreciation on July 27th. Buy your SysAdmin some donuts, a couple of beers, or just say thanks. 

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