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Introducing User Inventory for Full Visibility in Lansweeper Sites (Cloud-based Console)

5 min. read
By Thi Tran
Lansweeper releases a new user inventory feature for enhanced visibility in Lansweeper Sites, our cloud-based console. Explore in-depth in this blog post.

In today’s interconnected digital landscape, managing user data efficiently is a crucial part of IT asset management. We’re excited to introduce the new User Inventory to Lansweeper Sites. This new addition to Lansweeper’s cloud-based console offers unparalleled insights into your Active Directory (AD) user data. Users with a hybrid setup can maintain user management on-premises while enjoying complete visibility of user data in Lansweeper Sites. After all, full network visibility includes full user visibility.

  • A brand-new user inventory: Experience the new user inventory designed to streamline your user data management processes.
  • Detailed user pages: Dive deep into individual user profiles, accessing a wealth of information crucial for effective administration.
  • Integration with search results: Find your AD users through your search queries for better discoverability and efficiency.
  • Improved visibility of user-asset relations: Manage and track relationships between users and assets and provide clear data for faster issue resolution and better resource allocation.

The New User Inventory in Sites

The new User inventory gives you a comprehensive list of all AD users in your organization, along with specific and detailed information about them. In Lansweeper On-Prem, user data is available, but users must manually compile reports to access it. Lansweeper Sites streamlines this process by offering a centralized hub for accessing detailed AD user data.

A key capability of the user inventory in Lansweeper Sites is the Custom Views. Like with all inventories in Sites, you can tailor this view according to your preferences and needs. This lets you access the most relevant user data at a glance without the need to create reports. This data can also be exported for further analysis among teams or stakeholders.

User Data at Your Fingertips

Lansweeper Sites lets you organize your user inventory effortlessly. Locating user information is a breeze. You can search for the data you need through the local search function in your user inventory or use the global search to scour your entire database of users, assets, and reports. Finding the data you need is quick and intuitive.

Admins will have access to comprehensive user pages and enhanced visibility of relationships between assets and users. This unique new feature lets you track user identities, permissions, devices, and other relevant data from a single, centralized inventory.

Enhanced Visibility with User-Asset Relations

Understanding the connections between users and assets is vital for both productivity and cybersecurity. Lansweeper Sites offers a more robust integration of user data within asset pages. The user inventory displays user-asset relations, enabling you to establish connections between users and assets effortlessly. This enables users to swiftly comprehend the relationships between users and assets, which comes with its share of benefits:

  1. Improved Resource Allocation: Understanding which users are using which assets allows organizations to optimize asset allocation. This will ensure that resources are distributed efficiently, minimizing waste and reducing unnecessary purchases.
  2. Streamlined Support and Maintenance: With user-asset relations, IT support teams can quickly identify which users are associated with specific assets when troubleshooting issues. This streamlines the support process, leading to faster issue resolution and reduced downtime.
  3. Security Enhancement: Understanding the relationship between users and assets is crucial for effective Cybersecurity. You can more easily identify potential vulnerabilities, monitor access rights, and enforce security policies more effectively, ultimately strengthening your overall cybersecurity posture.

Clear user-asset relations empower organizations to optimize resource utilization, enhance operational efficiency, ensure compliance, and strengthen security measures. This all contributes to improved IT governance and business performance.

Bolster Data Security through Enhanced Access Controls

User data is sensitive data and protecting sensitive data is paramount. Lansweeper Sites equips you with the tools to do just that. The enhanced access controls let you manage and monitor who has access to your user data. By assigning specific permissions to roles, you can ensure compliance with data security policies and mitigate the risk of unauthorized access. With these advanced measures in place, you can rest assured that your most valuable assets are shielded from unauthorized access and potential breaches.

A Bridge between On-premises and Lansweeper Sites

The User Inventory as a feature was conceived based on feedback from our IT heroes. Users love the user data they can find in Lansweeper On-Prem and want the same for Lansweeper Sites. Our goal is to ensure that you have access to the same comprehensive feature set regardless of whether they are using Lansweeper on-prem or in the cloud. By closing this gap, we aim to offer users a seamless experience and consistent functionality.

The new User Inventory is a first step towards closing the gap. This initial release is just the beginning. We’re committed to ongoing enhancements and improvements based on user feedback. Stay tuned for exciting updates on the horizon!

Elevating Visibility with Lansweeper’s User Inventory

User visibility is a crucial part of IT asset management, enhancing productivity and bolstering cybersecurity. Knowing the relations between your users and assets allows for more efficient asset management. With cyber threats becoming increasingly sophisticated, knowing who has access to your network resources is vital for protecting sensitive data. With the brand-new user inventory feature, you can streamline your processes, enhance security, and achieve compliance with ease in your Lansweeper Sites.

At Lansweeper, we’re dedicated to providing innovative solutions that empower you to achieve your ITAM goals. Try out our latest features today.

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