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Introducing Lansweeper’s 2024 Summer Launch

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By Laura Libeer

Introducing Lansweeper’s 2024 Summer Launch

Summertime is finally here so it’s time to heat things up with a hot new Lansweeper Launch. The Lansweeper 2024 Summer Release is here! This launch includes a fine selection of updates, improvements, and enhancements to bring you deeper and more comprehensive insights into your IT estate than ever before. Let’s have a look at what this launch has to offer!

Our Summer 2024 Launch Keynote was filled with exciting stuff: new updates, what’s coming up, and feature launches. Missed it or need a recap? Watch on-demand here.

Deeper, Broader, Faster, Better Discovery

A Solid New Base for Network Discovery

Network Discovery is the foundation that Lansweeper is built on. With every launch, we aim to bring you broader, deeper, better discovery. That is why we have built a completely new network discovery technology from the ground up to bring you the most comprehensive asset visibility yet. The new Lansweeper discovery technology is now available in preview. 

Setting up and maintaining your scanning is easier and faster than ever before, with no credentials required right out of the box. The new scanning engine discovers every connected IT and OT asset without the need for credentials or an agent. This new technology installs on Windows, Linux, or MacOS and updates automatically on all platforms. Use encrypted vaults to store your credentials to add an extra layer of security.

The Next Level of Public Cloud Discovery

In our last Launch in the Fall of 2023, Public Cloud Inventory was just a Beta feature, and it has grown up so fast. New improvements to Cloud Discovery, now in preview, allow you to scan multiple environments simultaneously and import cloud tags from AWS, Azure, and Google Cloud. On top of that customized views are now also possible for cloud assets. This allows you to seamlessly integrate with major cloud providers and improves the overall efficiency of your multi-cloud management. 

Minimize Exposure With Prioritized and Automated Vulnerability Management

The Asset-Centric Approach to Risk Insights

While vulnerabilities are an issue to be resolved, what matters is how they are affecting your assets. That’s why we have pivoted Risk Insights to give you a more asset-centric view of issues threatening your network. Having your assets as the focal point of your risk insights, combined with the option to categorize any affected products lets you prioritize issues more easily. This reduces response and remediation time and supports efficient vulnerability management. 

For that same reason, you will also have easy access to exploitability information for the vulnerabilities affecting your network, as well as patch information with direct links. Risk Insights draws this information from 2 new sources, VulnCheck and VulDB, and this includes insights into OT vulnerabilities as well.

Integrations to Automate and Optimize Your Vulnerability Management

For the same purpose of streamlining vulnerability and patch management, we have some new integrations for you to try out.

Automox integrates with Lansweeper to bring you an all-in-one solution for discovering, managing, and optimizing your technology assets. Lansweeper’s vulnerability insights are pulled directly into the Automox console, where they are then organized and prioritized for swift remediation. Automating this process reduces the exposure time, enhancing your overall security posture. Remediation is policy-driven so that your endpoint devices always receive the latest updates and patches automatically. 

ThreatAware provides real-time visibility, monitoring, and management of your digital assets and cybersecurity tools. That includes the health and status of any deployed cybersecurity tools and controls. This helps to pinpoint vulnerabilities and close security gaps. By integrating ThreatAware with Lansweeper, you can ensure that all devices are discovered, visible, and protected. 

Make sure to check out these new integrations, as well as many others in the marketplace or on our integration page.

Optimizing Core Features

Take Charge of Your OT Asset Data

Further bridging the gap between OT and IT management, we have added a range of new enhancements to OT management. You can now manually create or delete OT assets, as well as customize asset states, and carry out bulk actions. Lifecyle information has been added for your OT assets, and your OT data is now also accessible through the API. All of these improvements lead to a more comprehensive OT management, with easier maintenance and compliance, that integrates seamlessly into your existing workflows.

Streamlining Your Software Decisions

Behind the scenes further enhancements have been made to the software data normalization. Naming conventions across the platform have been further normalized and also integrated with the UNSPSC standards. This will help ensure that you always have reliable and streamlined software data. Software reporting continues to grow more comprehensive so that you always have the right data to improve your decision-making processes. 

Still not enough for you?

  • User Visibility now tracks who owns an asset, who is assigned as its primary user, and who is actually logged into it. This gives you more control over the asset/user relationship, improving security and compliance. User details are now searchable for easier access.
  • Diagrams have been improved to generate and display your diagrams faster and with better legibility. This gives you stronger visuals to use in strategic planning and network oversight
  • Custom Fields will be able to sync from on-prem to your Lansweeper Site, by the end of June. This means they can now also be included in your reports and are accessible through the API, so they can be used in integrations.

Missed it or need a recap? Watch it now!

Our Summer 2024 Launch Keynote was filled with exciting stuff: new updates, what’s coming up, and feature launches.

Watch on-demand

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