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Local User

When Lansweeper scans a Windows or Linux computer it scans all the properties of the local users and displays this on the computer’s asset page. Local users scanned by Lansweeper provide a complete overview of all users in your network, this can be complemented by (Azure) Active Directory user information as well. Assets in Lansweeper provide info on the last logon, all local users, and the local groups they are a member of.

Scanned User Information

When local users are scanned, the asset they were discovered on provides views with the following data:
  • Last Logon date and time of detection
  • All local users and their status
  • All local user groups
  • All local users and their local user group

User-Asset relations

You can manually add user-asset relations that show the relation between your users and hardware. This way, you can better keep track of who has, for example, borrowed a beamer. Various relations can be specified like ‘is borrowed by’ or ‘is owned by’ along with a date. You can add custom relations as well. Lansweeper also keeps a history of these relations.

How to Scan Computer Users

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