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Office 365 User

Microsoft’s cloud server Office 365 includes a wide range of services for businesses globally. One of the most important functionalities that office 365 provides is it’s email server service, similar to Exchange. By scanning Office 365, Office 365 users are also scanned and added into Lansweeper.

Scanned Office 365 user Information

Lansweeper scans Office 365 user information using a PowerShell based scanning method to scan information from your Office 365 environment.


Information retrieved includes, but is not limited to:

  • Organization details
  • Domains
  • User information
  • User groups
  • Assigned licenses
  • Assigned plans
  • Mailboxes
  • Contact
  • Active Sync Devices

Unify Your User Data


Lansweeper automatically unifies data retrieved from Office 365 with your existing Active directory information. As a result, whenever you view a user within Lansweeper, you can not only the Active Directory Information, but any related Office 365 information will be added in a separate tab. With Lansweeper’s powerful reporting capabilities, you can identify users who are missing licenses or plans and much more, in minutes.

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