Organize Your Data

Lansweeper offers many different methods to organize your scanned data into categories that are useful and relevant to you. The most versatile one is without a doubt the use of reports. Reports gather specific information based on criteria in a convenient overview. Instead if going through your assets one by one, your report results show you a neat overview of, for example, all assets that are out of warranty, printers that are about to run out of toner, or unauthorized administrators on your computers.

Build the Report You Really Need

Lansweeper contains hundreds of built-in reports to get you started, but sometimes you still can't find the exact report you need. That's where the report builder comes into play. All built-in reports can be modified to better suit your needs. More importantly, you can build your own reports from scratch. The report builder is intuitive, powered by Microsoft SQL and supported by extensive documentation on all available database items. It gives you all the tools you need to make the connections no one else had thought of before.

The Lansweeper Forum

If you can't find the report you need in the built-in list, remember to have a look at our forum before you start building. The Lansweeper community has a shared collection of reports, with contributions by Lansweeper techs as well as fellow users. You can also find some useful tips and tricks to help you with report building. Occasionally, the Lansweeper team publishes new reports here as a quick response to new cybersecurity threats.

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