Active Directory Scanner

Scan Active Directory Information

Lansweeper allows you to scan a wealth of information from active directory by using the active directory scanner. You can scan both Windows computers and users from active directory. Information like hardware, software, peripherals, anti-virus, network interfaces, monitors, uptime and event logs will always be included in a Windows computer scan. Active directory scanning also adds OU information like status, company, description and location. This information in combination with reporting provides you with a quick and easy overview of all your computers in a specified domain or OU.

Lansweeper also scans active directory users, groups and their properties. By specifying which active directory domain or OU you would like to scan for users and groups, Lansweeper will retrieve active directory user information like status, name, phone number, email address, physical address, password expiration dates and much more. Additionally, you can scan active directory group information like group name, type, and description.

Active directory scans also provide filters so you can choose which assets or users you would like to scan.

Automatically Scan Active Directory Assets

The active directory scanner automatically scans and rescans your assets. By checking for newly logged on assets on the domain controller, Lansweeper will scan or rescan assets as they come online. Automatic scanning ensures that all your assets are kept up to date. This scanning target is perfect for assets which are intermittently used and might not be online during other scheduled scans.

Should you prefer a scheduled active directory scan. You can use the active directory computer path scanning target and enter a domain, OU or specific computer path. Scheduling allows you to choose when the assets will be scanned, which is useful for load balancing.

Reflect Your Active Directory Domain

Keep an accurate representation of your active directory domain with both enabled and disabled users or computers. Lansweeper can automatically change an asset's state when it has been disabled or remove it from Lansweeper if the computer is no longer in your domain. Similar to computers, users can also be automatically removed if they are no longer present in your domain.

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