Active Directory Scanner

How to Scan Active Directory (AD)

If you are wondering how to scan active directory information, or if you are looking for an accurate active directory scanner to help manage your IT estate, look no further. Lansweeper allows you to scan for a wealth of information from active directory (AD) or Azure Active Directory (AAD) by using its active directory scanner features. You can scan both Windows computers from AD and users/groups from AD and AAD. All this data is centralized in a secure database where it is made available to you in clear overviews.

What Data Does Lansweeper Retrieve?

Information like hardware, software, peripherals, anti-virus, network interfaces, monitors, uptime, and event logs will always be included in a Lansweeper Windows computer scan. But our active directory scanning also adds Organizational Units (OU) and user information, like status, company, description, and location to the broad range of data that you can retrieve.

Automatically Scan Active Directory Assets

Lansweeper's active directory scanner feature automatically scans and rescans your assets. By checking for newly logged on assets on the domain controller, Lansweeper will scan or rescan assets as they come online. Automatic scanning ensures that all your assets are kept up to date. Targeted scanning is perfect for assets which are intermittently used and might not be online during other scheduled scans.

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Deploy software based on a schedule

Schedule in Active Directory Scans

Should you prefer a scheduled active directory scan, you can use the active directory computer path scanning target and enter a domain, OU, or specific computer path. Scheduling allows you to choose when the assets will be scanned, which is useful for load balancing. By selecting low traffic windows of opportunity, you avoid unnecessary traffic on the network at peak moments.

Keep Track of Active Directory Users 24/7

Lansweeper scans all users within an active directory user path or Azure active directory, no matter their status. This means you can get a quick and complete overview of all AD or AAD users, groups, and their properties in seconds. Lansweeper will retrieve active directory user information like status, name, phone number, email address, physical address, password expiration dates, and much more. Additionally, you can scan active directory group information like group name, type, and description, including the rights and permissions. And Lansweeper's scanning feature Asset Radar guarantees that this information is up to date at all times.

Instant AD Overview with Lansweeper Reports

Active Directory Data is instantly consultable if you use Lansweeper's built-in reporting feature. Our reports provide you with a quick and easy overview of all your computers in any specified domain or OU. If you are looking for very specific data and if you do not find the report you need in our report library with over 500 reports, you can always easily customize your own report in Lansweeper. This way you build your own personalized shortcuts to the data you need, saving you valuable time.

Reflect Your Active Directory Domain

Keep an accurate representation of your active directory domain with both enabled and disabled users or computers. Lansweeper can automatically change an asset's state when it has been disabled or remove it from Lansweeper if the computer is no longer in your domain. Just like with computers, users can also be automatically removed if they are no longer present in your domain. This way, Lansweeper can function as an active directory vulnerability scanner. Devices and users that no longer belong on the domain or in the OU can be detected and removed, thus minimizing vulnerability by unauthorized use of the network and the permissions granted to OU's.

Try Lansweeper's Active Directory Scanner Feature for Free

Lansweeper acts as an advanced active directory program or domain scanner, providing you with all the tools to execute not only a performant domain scan but also more targeted active scans. But why read about it here when you can try it out for yourself for free? Our 30-day trial will get you acquainted with everything Lansweeper has to offer. If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact us.

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