Lansweeper Acquires RankedRight’s Key Assets to accelerate its Vulnerability Management Capabilities

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By Karen Lambrechts
Lansweeper rankedright

DENDERMONDE, BELGIUMLansweeper, a global leader in Technology Asset Intelligence, today announced the acquisition of critical assets of RankedRight, a provider of vulnerability management solutions, for an undisclosed fee.

Over the past few years, Lansweeper has been adding vulnerability insights to its market-leading IT Asset Management platform providing a Cyber Asset Attack Surface Management solution. This acquisition will boost Lansweeper’s capabilities in matching vulnerability data with Technology asset data to provide meaningful insights to customers.

RankedRight was founded in 2020 to help solve the growing problem of vulnerability prioritization. Its platform allows customers to prioritize and remediate their most critical vulnerabilities quickly and efficiently.

By combining the expertise of both companies, Lansweeper will provide customers with a comprehensive vulnerability management solution that is both cost-effective and easy to use, allowing them to stay ahead of the ever-changing threat landscape.

Dave Goossens, CEO of Lansweeper, said: “This acquisition will further accelerate our existing vulnerability management capabilities and help us provide our customers with the most comprehensive Risk Insights into their IT estate. No company does vulnerability prioritization better than RankedRight, which has quickly become one of the most important aspects of modern cybersecurity.”

This acquisition will further accelerate our existing vulnerability management capabilities and help us provide our customers with the most comprehensive Risk Insights into their IT estate.”

Dave Goossens CEO Lansweeper Dave Goossens, CEO at Lansweeper

Thomas MacKenzie, Chief Executive Officer and co-founder at RankedRight, said: “The rapid increase in vulnerabilities facing businesses is a significant challenge for security teams worldwide. With the number of known vulnerabilities rising by more than 25% this year, it is clear that this problem will not simply disappear. At RankedRight, we have been dedicated to providing innovative solutions for vulnerability management, and we are excited to have joined forces with Lansweeper. Our expertise in vulnerability management and asset intelligence will help us address these challenges on a global scale and provide businesses with the tools they need to keep their business secure.”

About Lansweeper

Lansweeper provides a unique Technology Asset Intelligence platform helping businesses better understand, manage and protect their technology estate and network. Lansweeper helps customers minimize risks and optimize their technology investments by providing actionable insight into their technology estate at all times, offering trustworthy, valuable, and accurate insights about the state of users, devices, and software.

Since its launch in 2004, Lansweeper has been developing a software platform that scans and inventories all IT devices, installed software, and active users on a network – allowing organizations to manage their IT centrally.

The Lansweeper platform currently discovers and monitors over 80 million connected devices from 28,000+ customers, including Mercedes, Michelin, Liverpool FC, Carlsberg, Nestle, IBM, and Samsung, along with governments, banks, NGOs, and universities, driven by its 300+ strong team across the world.

About RankedRight

RankedRight was created to supercharge the efforts of cybersecurity teams worldwide with fast, effective vulnerability prioritization that puts the user in control.

96% of companies admit that prioritization is an essential or vital part of their vulnerability management program as it ensures that remediation teams focus their precious time on the most critical vulnerabilities. However, with a rise in vulnerabilities increasing the triage burden, remediation teams’ work is beginning later and later. With businesses with just 250 assets needing seven hours for manual triage each week, the delays for large enterprises with thousands of assets are significant.

RankedRight is the triage tool that automatically ranks vulnerabilities based on the rules set by its user, factoring in what is critical to the business and delegating it to the most appropriate person to resolve. This means teams spend less time on vulnerability administration and more time keeping their companies safe.    


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