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Lansweeper Welcomes Guido Patanella as our new SVP Engineering

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By Karen Lambrechts

DENDERMONDE, BELGIUM – Guido Patanella will join the fast-growing SaaS scale-up Lansweeper on February 13th, 2023.  

Guido Patanella joins Lansweeper as Senior Vice President of Engineering bringing with him a strong background in innovative cloud technologies, large scale data platforms and engineering leadership. Previous to Lansweeper Guido has served at Oracle, Workday, TeamSystem and Nexthink, as well as having been the co-founder of Ardan Labs. Guido´s background has spawned through various technology sectors such as telecom, ERP platforms, Cloud and IT governance. 

 “We are excited to have Guido join Lansweeper as SVP Engineering. His experience and passion for people and technology will help us accelerate our exciting product plans. I’m looking forward to having Guido on our Executive team to help drive our ambitious strategy enabling our next phase of growth.”

Dave Goossens CEO Lansweeper Dave Goossens, CEO at Lansweeper

Guido Patanella: “I joined Lansweeper magnetized by its energized leadership and teams and its incredible customer base growth, where the common objective is to define together the foundation and future of IT through product and cloud engineering innovation. Lansweeper’s international culture and customers are leading a new phase which I am extremely proud of being part of.”

About Lansweeper

Lansweeper is an IT asset management software provider helping businesses better understand, manage and protect their IT devices and network. Lansweeper helps customers minimize risks and optimize their IT assets by providing actionable insight into their IT infrastructure at all times, offering trustworthy, valuable, and accurate insights about the state of users, devices, and software. Since its launch in 2004, Lansweeper has been developing a software platform that scans and inventories all types of IT devices, installed software, and active users on a network – allowing organizations to centrally manage their IT.

The Lansweeper platform currently discovers and monitors over 80 million connected devices from 28,000+ customers, including Mercedes, Liverpool FC, Michelin, Carlsberg, Nestle, IBM, and Samsung to governments, banks, NGOs, and universities, driven by its 220+ strong teams in Belgium, Spain, Italy, UK, Ireland, Canada and the USA.

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