Enrich Jira Issues with Complete and Accurate Asset Data from Lansweeper

When you're troubleshooting issues in Jira, time is of the essence. Rapid access to the correct information is critical to resolving problems quickly and effectively. It's important to know which assets across the organization are impacted by a particular issue and be aware of any other related matters affecting the same machines.

Shortening the mean time to resolution (MTTR) of a Jira issue saves organizations money. Tickets can cost up to $22 or more each to resolve, and according to Zendesk, the average ticket volume rose 16% since the onset of the Covid-19 pandemic. When a business is handling hundreds of tickets every month, significant time and resources are spent, not to mention the impact on productivity as employees wait for the service desk to resolve their issues.

How do you shorten the MTTR? By ensuring that service desk staff have access to all of the information they need. For Jira users, that means enriching Jira tickets with Lansweeper data using the Lansweeper App for Jira Service Management.

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Service Ticket Enrichment Made Simple

Developed by Atlassian, Jira is used by over 65,000 companies worldwide as an integrated solution for tracking, ticketing and notifications. Jira Service Desk enables internal and external customers to report bugs, contact IT staff for help, and request changes. 

The Lansweeper App for Jira Service Management enables service ticket enrichment by fetching asset information from Lansweeper based on user-defined search criteria and displays it in the Jira service ticket. Through the integration, you can search Lansweeper asset data using an IP or Mac address, and the information is retrieved in seconds. The various asset details - including the device, location, installed software and more - are then viewable at-a-glance from within the Jira issue. You can also select assets as a part of any Jira issue and retain them. To investigate asset details further, simply click on the redirect to Lansweeper to be taken directly to the Lansweeper interface, where you can see any and all information related to the asset under investigation.

Another useful feature of the Lansweeper App for Jira Service Management is Issue Linking. Using Issue Linking, you can link issues with the same selected assets in an existing issue, for enhanced tracking of related uses. 

How Lansweeper Data Helps Resolve Jira Issues

Lansweeper leverages agent-based and agentless deep scanning with credential-free device recognition (CDR) technology to continuously and automatically scan the network and discover all of the connected technology assets across an organization. It detects and identifies IT, OT and IoT, including so-called "shadow IT," rogue devices, and forgotten or idle devices - even if they only touch the network briefly. Lansweeper then creates a complete and accurate inventory of all assets along with detailed information about installed software, users, location and more, which can be leveraged across a number of IT scenarios and use cases.

Lansweeper developed its integration app for Jira to enable both Lansweeper and Jira customers to realize the full value of their Lansweeper IT asset data for simplifying day-to-day IT service management tasks. With Lansweeper data at your fingertips, you'll be able to resolve issues faster and deliver exceptional service to internal and external customers. 

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The Lansweeper App for Jira Service Management is available for all tiers of Lansweeper customers, as well as all tiers of Jira customers. Lansweeper's integration with Jira is just one of the many ways the Lansweeper platform fits seamlessly into your existing technology stack. Learn more about our other available integrations here.

Get Started with the Lansweeper App for Jira Service Management

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