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Seamlessly correlate and sync your Lansweeper data to your Servicely CMDB.

CI Sync, Lansweeper for Servicely AI is a scalable SaaS product that allows you to achieve high quality and automatically maintained Servicely CMDB using Lansweeper discovered assets. It helps you unlock the full potential of your Servicely CMDB to deliver up to date and reliable IT Asset intelligence CI Synchronizer (Enterprise Edition) for Lansweeper to Servicely has been designed and built with three key things in mind:

  • Scalability (it can handle millions of CIs through a scalable queuing architecture).
  • Performance (it supports delta synchronization in addition to others).
  • Extensibility (it includes many, many more asset types/CI classes, CI attributes, related lists, and CI relationships).

The product is intended for organizations of any size. It is delivered as a SaaS product and requires no modification to your Servicely platform.

Key Integration Features

CI Synchronizer (Enterprise Edition) for Lansweeper to Servicely includes the following major features:

  • Delta synchronization (only synchronizes Lansweeper assets which have been added or changed since the previous sync).
  • Configurable mapping of Lansweeper Asset Types to Servicely CMDB CI Classes.
  • Scalable to handle millions of Assets/CIs.
  • An intuitive User Interface that includes the selection of Asset Types/CI Classes included in the synchronization itinerary and the synchronization schedule.
  • Progress and results dashboards.




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Syncfish creates software to unlock the value of your discovered IT Asset data by synchronization with your CMDB.

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Lansweeper Enterprise, Lansweeper Pro, Lansweeper Starter

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