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In-depth Asset Data

Go beyond the massive amount of asset information Lansweeper retrieves by default and gain complete visibility.

Network Reports

Choose from over 400 ready-made, out-of-the-box reports or build custom reports within minutes.

IT Dashboards

Lansweeper's dashboard offers you a convenient and customized overview of relevant informationabout your IT environment.

Software License Compliance

Track license keys, software license purchases and create detailed compliance reports.

Network Analytics

Control Your Network

Custom Actions

Take control via custom asset actions to perform remote tasks on specific devices.

Email Alerts

Set up email alerts and stay on top of vital information and emergencies, like important changes in software and server or workstation errors.

Asset Location Tracking

know where your assets are located & pinpoint your asset's location on a map.

Automated Software Deployment

Create deployment packages, set conditions and execute commands to remotely apply changes to Windows computers in your network.

Knowledge Base Software

The integrated Lansweeper Knowledge Base offers a centralized repository for important information.

IT Help Desk

The seamless link between ITAM and service desk is a dream come true for any support team.

Coordinate all Operations

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