Core Features


100% visibility through asset discovery across the entire technology estate.


Consolidate your data and gain a crystal clear unified overview.


Identify and assess details to actively manage your technology assets.


Combine multiple data sources into powerful & actionable reports.


Leverage data through API-based integrations to fuel any IT scenario.


Configure Lansweeper to reflect your business & security needs.


Passive IT Discovery

Asset Radar instantly detects assets the moment they connect to the network, preventing blind spots across your IT environment.

Credential-free Device Recognition

Lansweeper's credential-free device recognition (CDR) saves you time and effort by gathering basic information without entering credentials.

Active IT Discovery

Scan IP Ranges & discover every device in your IT estate with our best-in-class scanning engine.

Agent-based Scanning with LsAgent

While everything Lansweeper does can be done without an agent,  LsAgent helps you scan hard-to-reach devices.

Discovery Connectors

Import and reconcile data from inventory information systems like SCCM, Intune, Airwatch, G-Suite MDM, etc.

Automated Warranty Collection

Automatically get an overview of the warranty status of your physical devices with Lansweeper's automated warranty check.

Cloud Discovery

Discover every cloud resource in use across any provider you may have.

OT Discovery

IT and OT are converging at breakneck speed. OT discovery brings your OT and IT estate together under a single pane of glass.


Lansweeper Cloud Access

Leverage our Cloud to access your inventory from anywhere.

Data Federation

Reconcile asset, software, and user information across multiple distributed installations into a single pane of glass.


Streamline federated data such as software names, versions, vendors, models, firmware, etc.

Risk Insights

Leverage information from the NIST catalog to prioritize risks and protect your assets from known vulnerabilities.

Lifecycle Insights

Find which of your software and assets are or will reach end of life.


Asset Inventory

Search, navigate and consult information on physical, virtual, and cloud assets, users, and software.

Asset Grouping

Make assets more manageable at scale by grouping them based on location, owners, and much more.


Add comments and attachments to assets, and use custom fields to document information beyond the default inventory scope.

Switch Port Mapping

Discover the devices that are connected to a switch through automated Switch Port Mapping.

Track Asset Uptime

Our Uptime Calendar is an easy-to-use feature that allows you to keep track of the overall activity of all devices connected to your network.

Asset Location Tracking

Track any asset location across your network and visualize asset locations in location maps with office blueprints.

Custom Actions

Remotely perform custom actions on one specific device. Ping machines, remotely take over workstations, run scripts, perform shutdowns and more.

Software Deployment

Silently install and uninstall software, deploy software updates, make command-line changes, kill processes, and run custom scripts.



Consult top-down dashboards to supervise your technology estate and drill down into the details when needed.

Report Builder

Ask any question about your technology estate and find the answer through an intuitive report builder.

Report Library

Leverage a large array of built-in reports and dashboards to find the answers you didn't know you were looking for.


Export data and insights to excel, CSV, pdf, and many other file formats.

Diagrams & Topology

Visualize your assets, software, and users to see the trees through the forest. Generate network topologies, cloud architectures, AD structures, and much more.

Monitor Performance Counters

Monitor Windows & Linux performance counters without installing an agent first. Access performance data for an added layer of insights.


API Framework

Our GraphQL API Integration framework enables you to Fetch information from your inventory to enrich any system or process in need of it.


Integrate Lansweeper with your other tools and systems through certified plug and play integrations.

Bulk Export

Export large volumes of information from your inventory as needed.


Subscribe to changes in your inventory to keep systems in sync.

Report Export

Retrieve the results of your reports programmatically from any BI or other solution.

IT Service Desk

The integrated helpdesk enables IT pros to streamline service delivery. Tickets tied to assets provide instant information.

Seamlessly Integrated with your Existing Ecosystem

The Lansweeper platform connects right into your technology stack to fuel any IT scenario.


Site Branding

Customize the look and feel of your Lansweeper site and make it feel like

Role-Based Access Controls

Manage who can do what with granular permission sets and a flexible account management system.

Asset Scopes

Control who can see which data throughout the entire application.

Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA)

Secure access to your data with multi-factor authentication.

Single Sign-On (SSO)

Integrate user authentication with your identity management system of choice.

Discover, Inventory, and Know Your IT

It's easy to get started. You'll be up and running in no time.