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Lansweeper's file property scanner lets you scan the properties of any file in your network. File scanning retrieves file properties like version, company, size, creation date, last accessed date and last modified date of a specific file. In cases where Lansweeper's software scan can't retrieve a specific software, the file property scanner allows you to manually add it. This ensures that you have a complete inventory of the software in your network environment.

Discover, Analyze and Control Files in Your Network

Create a new file scan by entering the location of the file into Lansweeper and rescan your network. File property scanning allows the use of parameters to make Lansweeper search for the specified file location in Program Files, Program Files (x86) or the Windows directory.

Once your network has been rescanned you can access the information retrieved by the file scan on the asset's page. Lansweeper also provides an overview of all the results of a file scan. Using custom reporting you can combine the information from Lansweeper and file scanning to manage files in your network. You can analyze the anti-virus definition file age to ensure they are frequently updated.

Combining file scanning and deployment allows you to automatically delete unwanted files. You can also update or remove your custom software. In short, you can run any type of deployment package based on a custom file scan result.

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