Top 10 Must-Have IT Tools for SysAdmins & IT Pros In 2019

Everyone knows how important it is to have the right tools for the job. To help IT professionals get their jobs done better and more easily, we've listed 10 of the SysAdmin communities' favorite IT tools in 2019.

1. Notepad++

Notepad++ is a standout amongst other text editors as it's exceptionally for working with code. It has built-in multi-language support, expression support, syntax highlighting and a tabbed interface. Bonus feature: Notepad++ has a really fast response time when opening large files.

2. mRemoteNG

The stress of checking different systems at the same time is over. mRemoteNG is referred to as the "Next Generation" version of the original mRemote program. It provides easy accessibility of your remote connections to be viewed in a simple yet powerful tabbed interface.

3. PowerShell

No SysAdmin is complete without some PowerShell scripts at his command. Have you ever experienced issues while trying to stop a running Windows service? PowerShell performs the equivalent actions of ending the task within Task Manager. PowerShell is a powerful IT tool for helping System Administrators automate tasks.

4. KeePass

Repeating the same password on your system could be boring, and at the same time, while you are busy with some other things, you may forget the user password for sites you browse through every day and even on some installed system apps. Keepass is a free and open password manager that can actually save all your passwords.

5. Lansweeper

Compiling and maintaining a complete, accurate, and up-to-date network inventory of your IT assets can be a serious challenge. Leveraging an Agentless IT Asset Discovery solution like Lansweeper for managing your assets and the associated data can streamline the process, provide valuable insights, and ultimately boost your productivity while saving costs.

6. PuTTy

PuTTY is a great terminal emulator that's extremely lightweight and fast. It supports the SSH, SCP and rlogin protocols; multiple operating systems, including both Windows and Linux; and many variations on the secure remote terminal. PuTTY provides user control over the SSH encryption key and protocol version.

7. 7-Zip

7-Zip is a free and open-source file archiver, a utility used to place files within compressed containers known as "archives". 7-Zip supports a variety of data formats (zip, rar, Gzip, bzip2, xz, tar and WIM), as well as the proprietary 7z format. The program can be managed from a command-line interface using the command "p7zip", or through a graphical user interface.

8. TeamViewer

Thinking of how you could get linked up with your teams or staff without the need to see or meet them physically or are you having challenges with a particular app on your system and needs assistance? Then, this IT tool is highly recommended for you. Teamviewer uses a code to connect two or more devices before having remote access to other devices. It's the best tool for care support as it works perfectly on any windows.

9. Wireshark

Wireshark is a very popular network protocol analyzer that allows you to see what's happening on your network at a granular level. It's a great free SysAdmin IT tool that will capture every packet that's entering and leaving a computer. This makes it easy to identify what traffic is crossing your network, how much of it, and how frequently.

10. Sysinternals Suite

Sysinternals utilities help you manage, troubleshoot and diagnose your Windows systems and applications. They are all portable, which means that not only do you not have to install them, you can run them from any PC via a flash drive. The Sysinternals IT tools can be downloaded individually from Microsoft's website, or you can download all of them in a single Sysinternals Suite.

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