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Mobile Device Management

What is Mobile Device Management?

Mobile device management (MDM software) is one of the biggest challenges in a modern IT environment due to the volume, diversity, and closed-off nature of these devices. With Lansweeper’s MDM solution you improve corporate data security by having a complete overview of mobile devices like smartphones, laptops, and others that are used within your company. Especially with the increasing BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) and smartphones connecting to your company network, it’s important to be able to manage them when you know that 67 % of the employees bring their personal devices to work.


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Scan Mobile Devices on the Work Floor

With Lansweeper’s MDM software, you can scan mobile devices via Microsoft Intune or VMware AirWatch. Lansweeper retrieves detailed information from Android, iOS, and Windows Phone devices. On these devices, you can find both hardware and user information. You can also find typical device information including the subscription carrier, the date the device was enrolled, the unique International Mobile Equipment Identity number, the security patch level, the operating system, and more.

By scanning mobile devices on top of network devices, workstations, and cloud assets, Lansweeper unifies all the data within your network.


View Installed Applications with Mobile Device Management

Applications installed on the mobile devices are automatically retrieved when you scan your devices with Lansweeper’s MDM tool. It will also retrieve which version of the application is installed, allowing you to report which versions are most common in your environment. The application data retrieved allows for proactive actions to be taken when applications are not updated frequently enough or to detect potentially harmful applications. This gives a complete mobile device management solution, so you have full control over your IT environment.

Analyze and Alert for Required Actions

Lansweeper’s MDM includes an advanced reporting feature. You can report on all the details that are retrieved by scanning your devices via either Intune or AirWatch. By reporting on details like storage, installed applications, and OS version, you prevent issues from occurring in the first place, thus saving valuable time and cost. The added benefit of creating alerts based on report outputs means that you can create alerts for critical information. Security patch level, known malicious applications, and free space remaining are just some examples that could benefit from alerts so that you can take action proactively. Stay on top of the security with our mobile device management.

Discover New Devices Instantly and Securely

The BYOD trend increases the number of employees who connect with personal devices to your company network. Lansweeper’s Asset Radar and CDR features make sure that those mobile devices are instantly discovered and recognized the moment they connect to the network, however, brief the connection, and without the need for credentials. This saves time and effort to try and control your employee devices and it leaves no room for security risks. With a combination of Asset Radar and CDR you:

  • Scan credential-free
  • Need zero configuration
  • Have instant asset detection
  • Can discover rogue devices


Use LsAgent for Remote ITAM

Remote IT asset management is a form of device management that makes it possible to scan and manage off-premise devices that are difficult to reach or located in home environments. As homeworking and teleworking have increased in popularity, mainly due to the covid-19 crisis, and many companies respond by downsizing their physical workspaces to adhere to this new way of working. Lansweeper can help you with dealing with this new hybrid IT environment, read more in this dedicated blog on Remote ITAM.

Lansweeper’s MDM or mobile device management is a great solution to keep track of mobile devices in the work environment, but what if you want to manage, scan and secure remote or difficult to scan devices in the home environment or elsewhere? With LsAgent you can keep track of remote devices, giving you full control over Windows, Linux, and Mac devices


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