Windows Phone

Mobile devices are a big part of any modern workplace, with mobile devices increasingly being mixed with virtual and physical devices in a work environment. Keeping a clear and accurate inventory of all these devices can be quite a challenge. By scanning Windows Phone devices through Intune, Lansweeper retrieves detailed Windows Phone information.

Scanned Windows Phone Device Information

The Lansweeper deepscan engine can retrieve basic Windows Phone information. However, for detailed Windows Phone device information, Lansweeper can scan mobile devices connected to Intune's mobile device management. Allowing for a much greater depth of information to be retrieved.


Scanned Windows Phone information includes, but is not limited to:

  • Model
  • OS Version
  • Carrier
  • IMEI
  • Network
  • Installed applications
  • Application versions

Manage Your Mobile Devices

Manage your mobile devices by creating user and device relations within Lansweeper and unifying all your asset data in a single location.

You can report on all the information scanned by Lansweeper with the built-in, visual report builder.

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