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Seamlessly Integrate Splunk with Lansweeper

Combining Lansweeper & Splunk

Use Splunk App for Lansweeper to identify risks, vulnerabilities, and non-compliance issues in your IT Asset inventory, before they become a problem.
The app capitalizes on Lansweeper Asset Discovery's ability to scan any modern IT infrastructure using a wide range of network protocols to find and gather information on a business' IT device fleet.

Splunk App for Lansweeper



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Key Integration Features

Splunk app for Lansweeper that provides clients with a complete inventory of all physical, virtual, cloud or mobile network devices and Data on hardware, software and users.

The Lansweeper Add-on for Splunk is a Splunk App that allows users to collect information (assets) from Lansweeper (Cloud or On-prem (On-prem support added from version 1.1.0)) into Splunk

The Lansweeper App for Splunk is a Splunk App that visualizes the data (assets) collected by Lansweeper. It contains useful dashboards.
The App is using data collected by the “Lansweeper Add-on for Splunk


Release Notes

App – V1.1.0  On-prem Lansweeper Support added (with database connection by DB Connect).

Lansweeper V8.0 or Higher

Splunk Compatibility

Splunk Versions:
Platform: Platform Independent




Integration Category

Built By

CrossRealms provides IT solutions globally for financial, legal, healthcare, retail, manufacturing, and non-profit.

Lansweeper Version

Cloud, On-prem

Available for

Lansweeper Enterprise, Lansweeper Pro, Lansweeper Starter

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