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DeviceTotal by ArcusTeam Integration

Seamlessly Integrate DeviceTotal by ArcusTeam with Lansweeper

Combining Lansweeper & DeviceTotal by ArcusTeam

ArcusTeam's DeviceTotal is a SaaS-based precognitive attack surface management solution.

100% Risk Accuracy and Attack Vector Visibility Across Your IT Estate

Eliminate manual, repetitive tasks while ensuring complete, always accurate data for risk analysis and mitigation. ArcusTeam's DeviceTotal is a SaaS-based precognitive attack surface management solution that provides contextual-based threat prevention and risk mitigation for connected and future connected devices. Through integration with Lansweeper, mutual customers can upload complete and accurate IT asset data to DeviceTotal, eliminating time-consuming, tedious manual tasks. With access to Lansweeper data, DeviceTotal provides 100% risk accuracy and attack vector visibility for every device and site across an organization -- including all vulnerabilities -- along with actionable threat mitigation recommendations.

Key Integration Features

  • Provides 100% risk accuracy and attack vector visibility
  • Reduces operational overhead by eliminating manual, error-prone data entry
  • Helps mitigate potential cybersecurity threats for current and future connected devices
  • Enables teams to assess the potential impact of infrastructure changesĀ 
  • Supports data-driven decision-making around IT investmentsĀ 


  • Minimum Lansweeper V9.0
  • Lansweeper Cloud Entitlement


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ArcusTeam delivers an attack surface management SaaS solution (DeviceTotal) that gives you full visibility into all your devices while continuously predicting, identifying, assessing, prioritizing, and mitigating any potential cyber threats.

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Lansweeper Enterprise, Lansweeper Pro, Lansweeper Starter

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