Introducing Lansweeper’s 2023 Fall Launch: ‘Ename’

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By Karen Lambrechts

The sun has set on summer and fall has fallen. That must mean it’s time for another Lansweeper Launch. The Lansweeper 2023 Fall Release ‘Ename’ has arrived and it brings you a carefully selected mix of updates for both your Sites and Lansweeper On-Prem. Let’s have a closer look at this launch.

Our Fall 2023 Launch Keynote was filled with exciting stuff: new updates, what’s coming up, customer insights, and feature launches. Missed it or need a recap? Watch on-demand here.

A Brand New Cloud-First IT Agent

You no doubt already know and love LsAgent. If you have been with Lansweeper for a while, you may even remember LsPush. Now please welcome the new IT Agent.

This new modern agent combines the best of both of its predecessors, along with some new features. Like LsAgent, it scans your hard-to-reach Windows, Linux, and Mac devices locally. But now you can sync this data directly into your Lansweeper Site, no need to pass through on-prem. It also makes silent deployments to all 3 operating systems, as well as automated updates. It also brings back the option to scan a device on logon.

The IT Agent is now available in preview in your Lansweeper Sites, but will soon be available for on-prem as well.

Join the Public Cloud Inventory Beta Program

Discover, explore, and understand your cloud assets like never before. The Public Cloud Inventory is ready for the beta phase. The PCI Beta Program gives you advanced cloud scanning features tailored for Microsoft Azure, Amazon Web Services, and Google Cloud Platform. Get a clear view of your entire cloud setup and gain new insights into your resources. Join now, and help us build the future of cloud management. Learn more about our Beta Program here.

Set Your Own Priorities for Risk Insights

Everyone is loving the Risk Insights feature so we make it a top priority to keep improving it. What is your priority when looking at your Risk Insights? Is it exploitability, patch info, attack vector, something else? Whatever it is, you can now sort your custom views accordingly.

We have also improved the accuracy of matching vulnerability data to your assets. For Microsoft vulnerabilities, we are using data from the MSRC API to bring you more patch information and specific patches for each asset, which will be available soon. A Vulnerability dashboard has been added to Lansweeper Sites and the vulnerability data is now also available in the API so it can fuel your custom integrations.

On-Prem OT Inventory for a Fully Offline Experience

Have you tried the Lansweeper OT Scanner yet? Some of you were hesitant about it because you don’t want your OT data touching any outside networks. We have listened to your feedback and so the OT Inventory is going on-prem. You can now send your scanned data from the OT hub straight to your Lansweeper On-Prem installation for that sweet offline experience. 

Of course, we are also still improving the OT Inventory on your Lansweeper Sites. You can now edit your OT assets directly in your Lansweeper console

Get Your Fresh New Integrations on the On-Prem Marketplace

As always a new launch includes new integrations in our catalogue. Have you already checked out Armis, to help you address the new extended attack surface created by connected assets? Or maybe you are more interested in Axonius, to enforce your network security policies. If you are running the Utah version of ServiceNow, you can now also use the Service Graph connector. 

You can find these integrations and many more in the Marketplace, which is now also available in your Lansweeper On-Prem installation.

And So Much More

Still looking for more?

  • Lansweeper on-prem has been updated with general updates on improvements, security updates, as well as improved proxy support.
  • We are improving your user experience by adding guides, notifications, and additional information where needed. In the first stage, we are adding a tutorial guide for new users, with more to come soon.

Our Fall 2023 Launch Keynote was filled with exciting stuff: new updates, what’s coming up, customer insights, and feature launches. Missed it or need a recap? Watch on-demand here.


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