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What's New?

Scan detailed information like hardware and application data from your mobile Intune devices.


Lansweeper scans your network faster and finds additional Exchange and SQL server info.

Scan Windows performance counters for CPU, memory, disk and network metrics.

Gather detailed Office 365 user information from your Office 365 users and mailboxes.

Retrieve information from any UPNP device in your network.

  • Added: LAN-2097 Additional data is now scanned from Microsoft SQL Server installations, e.g. info on whether the database server is clustered
  • Added: LAN-1439 Android, iOS and Windows Phone mobile devices can now be scanned through Microsoft Intune
  • Added: LAN-1869 Custom OID scanning targets can now be imported and exported into and from other Lansweeper installations
  • Added: LAN-1822 Detailed information is now scanned from Microsoft Exchange Server: version, edition, users, groups, CALs, mailbox lists, ActiveSync devices etc
  • Added: LAN-1440 Lansweeper can now scan data from your Office 365 accounts: organizations, domains, users, admins, password enforcement settings, groups, licenses, mailbox lists, ActiveSync devices etc
  • Added: LAN-1884 The following performance counter data can now be scanned for Windows computers: CPU, memory, hard drives, bandwidth
  • Added: LAN-363 Virtual machines and resource groups hosted on the Microsoft Azure cloud platform can now be scanned
  • Added: LAN-397 Virtual machines and VPCs hosted on Amazon’s AWS cloud platform can now be scanned
  • Changed: LAN-2180 Added an informational message in cases where no scanning targets are available for a chosen credential mapping type
  • Changed: LAN-1679 Added the built-in report “OS: Not latest Build of Windows 2016” to the default setup of the Alert Reports dashboard widget
  • Changed: LAN-2082 Due to new .NET functionalities being implemented, the machine hosting your Lansweeper installation must now have .NET Framework 4.6 or higher installed. As Windows XP and Windows Server 2003 do not support .NET 4.6, these operating systems are not supported for hosting Lansweeper 7.1 or higher.
  • Changed: LAN-1592 Removed the Citrix user tab and report from the web console as the current Citrix XenServer SDK implementation does not fully support user scanning yet
  • Changed: LAN-2242 Scanning credential, mapping and target types in the Scanning menu are now sorted alphabetically
  • Changed: LAN-1906 Windows Internet Explorer 8 (IE8) is no longer a supported web browser for accessing the Lansweeper web console
  • Fixed: LAN-1764 Access to the Deploy Package button is blocked for freeware users, which should not be the case
  • Fixed: LAN-2077 Access to the ticket API is blocked for Lansweeper Standard licenses, which should not be the case
  • Fixed: LAN-2190 An automatic update of an LsAgent installation on a Windows computer sometimes results in a removal of the LsAgent service
  • Fixed: LAN-1746 An out-of-date version of wol.exe is present in Program Files (x86)\Lansweeper\Actions
  • Fixed: LAN-1692 Asset names under Scanning\LsAgent Scanning are not clickable
  • Fixed: LAN-1201 Citrix Pool assets are still scanned even when this asset type is excluded from scanning
  • Fixed: LAN-2327 Deleting the Citrix Pool asset related to a Citrix XenServer asset results in an error on the XenServer asset page
  • Fixed: LAN-1678 Deprecated links to external websites in the Event Log tab of Windows computer webpages
  • Fixed: LAN-1665 Due to a case sensitivity issue related to registry keys, agentless scanning sometimes fails to scan software on Windows computers that does get successfully scanned by the LsPush agent
  • Fixed: LAN-1676 Due to a case sensitivity issue related to scanning server name, attempts to enable cloud relay access in the Lansweeper web console don’t always complete
  • Fixed: LAN-1658 ESXi servers sometimes fail to scan with the following error: “VMware Error FailedToConnect: Value cannot be null. Parameter name: source”
  • Fixed: LAN-862 Faulty “no assets in the list” warning when performing certain actions on certain asset reports
  • Fixed: LAN-2058 Faulty validation and display of large scanning target descriptions under Scanning\Scanning Targets
  • Fixed: LAN-1784 If a Linux or Mac computer is only scanned using LsAgent, its Scan Server value is blank and its Scan Status is set to “scanserver unavailable” in the web console
  • Fixed: LAN-2020 If no one is logged into a Windows computer during an LsAgent scan, a logon record with an empty username is added to the computer webpage
  • Fixed: LAN-1353 If no sudo password is filled in for a Linux computer’s SSH certificate credential, Lansweeper fails to attempt password-less execution of sudo commands
  • Fixed: LAN-1697 In case of a scanning error, an asset’s webpage does not always clearly indicate which global credentials were tried
  • Fixed: LAN-1361 In rare cases, the Month Calendar in a Windows computer’s Uptime tab generates an “attempted to divide by zero” error
  • Fixed: LAN-617 Inconsistent spelling of the word “license” under Configuration\Your Lansweeper License
  • Fixed: LAN-1686 Inconsistent spelling of the word “synchronization” throughout Lansweeper
  • Fixed: LAN-2036 Incorrect results in the following built-in report in the Reports menu: “Mac: less than 10% partition free”
  • Fixed: LAN-1767 Incorrect results in the following built-in report in the Reports menu: “VMware: less than 10% partition free”
  • Fixed: LAN-2245 Layout issues in the Virtual Block Devices section of Citrix XenServer asset pages
  • Fixed: LAN-2037 LsAgent detects the currently logged on user of a computer incorrectly if the user logged in using a Remote Desktop (RDP) session
  • Fixed: LAN-1977 LsAgent fails to scan 32-bit computers that meet the LsAgent requirements
  • Fixed: LAN-2000 LsAgent fails to scan machines that have no IPv4 address and machines that have no DNS server configured
  • Fixed: LAN-1652 LsPush and LsAgent fail to make an HTTP connection to the Lansweeper scanning server in cases where the HTTPS connection is unsuccessful
  • Fixed: LAN-2065 Manual deletions of successfully scanned vCenter servers sometimes silently fail
  • Fixed: LAN-1738 Network interfaces and MAC addresses of SNMPv3-enabled network devices sometimes fail to scan
  • Fixed: LAN-1988 Network interfaces of Windows computers sometimes fail to scan, due to scanned values being too large for the corresponding database fields
  • Fixed: LAN-1927 Running certain queries (e.g. certain STUFF queries) in the report builder results in object reference errors and an inability to reopen the report builder
  • Fixed: LAN-107 Small spelling errors and other issues in the database dictionary under Reports\Database Documentation
  • Fixed: LAN-1972 Spelling error in the Add Template popup under Configuration\Ticket Content
  • Fixed: LAN-1320 The asset list under Scanning\LsAgent Scanning is misaligned with the buttons above it
  • Fixed: LAN-1733 The cloud relay server isn’t referred to by its alias in Program Files (x86)\Lansweeper\Service\Lansweeperservice.exe.config
  • Fixed: LAN-2151 The info message on help desk demo data references an old Lansweeper version number
  • Fixed: LAN-2007 The language of OS and Microsoft SQL Server installations on Windows computers is displayed as a number instead of text
  • Fixed: LAN-1785 The Lansweeper web console is sometimes installed under IIS Express when IIS was selected in the installer
  • Fixed: LAN-2280 The LsAgent installers for Linux and Mac computers are not digitally signed
  • Fixed: LAN-1413 The page that is loaded when clicking an OID under Scanning\Custom OID Scanning opens in a new web browser tab instead of the existing one
  • Fixed: LAN-1797 The tooltip for the Add OU Filter button when configuring an Active Directory Domain target extends beyond the tooltip box
  • Fixed: LAN-2201 Ticket custom field names between 100 and 500 characters are rejected even though the character limit is 500
  • Fixed: LAN-1687 Typo in the description of the built-in “LsAgent for Windows” deployment package
  • Fixed: LAN-2157 Typo in the description of the built-in OID target under Scanning\Custom OID Scanning
  • Fixed: LAN-1727 Under some Lansweeper licenses, it is impossible to delete the scanning server configured as cloud relay synchronization server
  • Fixed: LAN-1702 When an asset has a MAC address but no IP address, a stray hyphen is displayed below the asset name on the asset page and in the popup when hovering
  • Fixed: LAN-2018 When editing an existing SSH Certificate credential, Passphrase is marked as required when it shouldn’t be
  • Fixed: LAN-1929 When enabling scan logging under Configuration\Server Options and performing scans with LsAgent, those scans are not logged
  • Fixed: LAN-2160 When renaming a vCenter server and then rescanning, a new asset is generated instead of the existing asset being updated
  • Fixed: LAN-1935 When requesting to take over cloud relay access from another Lansweeper installation with the same license key, hitting No in the confirmation popup confirms the operation instead of canceling it
  • Fixed: LAN-1774 When scanning a Linux or Mac computer with LsAgent, partition info is not displayed in the computer’s Summary tab even though it was scanned
  • Fixed: LAN-1379 When submitting proxy settings for Internet access under Configuration\Server Options, the scanning server configured for cloud relay synchronization fails to use them

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