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Important Information

The previous 6.0.100 releases included several security related changes that may impact how you use Lansweeper. These changes include the change in scanning server listen protocol from HTTP to HTTPS, which will cause LsClient and old (pre 6.0.100) versions of the LsPush scanning agent to no longer function

You can use your existing Lansweeper license to set up a separate installation for testing purposes. If you prefer to update your production environment instead, please back up your installation first.

Fixed: LAN-902 High CPU usage by the Lansweeper scanning service as long as no license key has been entered into the web console

Changed: LAN-102 When installing Lansweeper on a machine that doesn’t have any enabled network interfaces, the First Run Wizard now provides information on how to enable an interface
Fixed: LAN-609 Conversion errors in the following built-in report in the Reports tab: “OS: Not latest Build of Windows 10”
Fixed: LAN-819 If the Lansweeper scanning server has multiple network interfaces, the IP location of scanned assets is sometimes set to Undefined instead of the configured IP location
Fixed: LAN-826 Incorrect usernames and signatures in note history of help desk emails
Fixed: LAN-835 Incorrect web console shortcut created by the Lansweeper installer on the desktop of the Lansweeper server
Fixed: LAN-607 Scanning a vCenter server sometimes generates object reference errors
Fixed: LAN-896 Scanning warranty information of supported manufacturers takes longer than usual
Fixed: LAN-630 Valid spaces are sometimes stripped from Active Directory paths under Scanning\Scanning Targets
Fixed: LAN-831 When deleting a scanning server, credential mappings related to the server are still displayed under Scanning\Scanning Credentials

Added: #591287 A Windows 10 computer’s full version and build number are now scanned and displayed in several locations in the web console, e.g. in the Summary tab of the asset page 
Added: #592714 Agentless registry scanning can now also scan QWORD and binary values 
Added: #619605 For certain models of color printers, Lansweeper now scans separate counts of printed pages in black & white and printed pages in color 
Added: #455248 It is now possible to send help desk emails from multiple email accounts configured under Configuration\E-mail Settings. If an email is sent to a specific help desk account or alias and then replied to, the reply is sent from the same account or alias. If a ticket is created in the web console and the agent has no alias, related emails are still sent from the default email account. 
Changed: #575522 Added a link to a test tool for regular expressions in the Incoming Mail section of Configuration\E-mail Settings 
Changed: #534282 Added a standard style to the HTML of ticket notes to improve visual consistency of help desk emails across various email clients 
Changed: #537890 Added an info bullet in the Add E-mail Account popup under Configuration\E-mail Settings to explain how to use subfolders for incoming mail 
Changed: #590373 Added Palo Alto OID to the built-in list of OIDs under Configuration\Asset Mapping to ensure assets with this OID are correctly identified as firewalls 
Changed: #628126 Added the following new tables and fields to the Lansweeper database documentation:, htblemailaccountaliases, htblticket.aliasemail, tblAssetCustom.PrintedColorPages, tblAssetCustom.PrintedMonoPages, tblAssets.BuildNumber, tblAssets.Version 
Changed: #570139 An overdue calendar event notification that is not manually dismissed now remains visible for 30 days instead of 14 days 
Changed: #607984 Asset, CC user and subscriber lists on the ticket creation page are now scrollable if they contain more than 5 entries 
Changed: #566581 If an agent is unsubscribed from a ticket by another agent, the unsubscribed agent now receives a notification 
Changed: #609583 Improved detection in the Lansweeper installer of ports that are already in use and that can therefore not be assigned to the Lansweeper web console 
Changed: #576028 In case of nested ticket custom fields, changing a parent field to a state where children are no longer displayed now also results in the child values being removed from the database 
Changed: #595909 It is now possible to edit the following properties of existing tickets through the ticket API: subject, description, username, user display name, user email address, whether the ticket is personal 
Changed: #625464 Optimized the Lansweeper installer so that handling folder permissions now takes less than half the time than before 
Changed: #544352 Performing an Eventlog Only scan of a Windows computer that has not been successfully scanned before now triggers a one-time full scan of the computer 
Changed: #592244 Related agents now receive a notification if a ticket is marked as ignored and ignored tickets can now be searched within the Ignored Tickets filter 
Changed: #533518 Small textual improvements and cosmetic changes throughout the web console, e.g. in the dashboard, deployment module, help desk, permission names and Scanning menu. Also added a link to the Lansweeper knowledge base under Community. 
Changed: #565986 The Hostname field under Configuration\General Settings now uses the web server’s FQDN by default and an unnecessary slash was removed from knowledge base article links generated from the Hostname 
Changed: #625502 The option No Outgoing Mailserver is now checked for existing secondary help desk email accounts, as the outgoing servers of these accounts were not used anyway 
Changed: #607932 Updated the Lansweeper report builder to use the latest version of Active Query Builder 
Changed: #618531 Updated warranty scanning to use version 2 of the HP API for better and more complete results 
Changed: #602747 When assigning a ticket to an agent using a dispatching rule, it is now possible to subscribe the previously assigned agent to the ticket as well 
Changed: #607981 When hitting the Edit button in a ticket, you can now change the ticket’s assigned agent more quickly, as the currently assigned agent no longer needs to be removed 
Changed: #607946 When installing Lansweeper on a machine with multiple network interfaces, the First Run Wizard now presents a list of possible IP ranges to be scanned 
Changed: #540261 When manually creating an asset with a MAC address that is already in use, the warning message now links to the asset that is using the MAC address 
Changed: #607970 When selecting a time in time pickers throughout the web console, the sliders now use increments of 5 
Fixed: #622650 A dynamic asset group configured to check for installed software returns incorrect results if there is no version number detected for this software on the computers 
Fixed: #626523 A SendAsDeniedException error is generated when attempting to send a help desk email with an incorrectly configured alias, instead of a fallback to the main email account being attempted 
Fixed: #531182 A ticket’s History tab does not log when CC users are added via email 
Fixed: #532574 A ticket’s subscribers are not sorted alphabetically on the ticket page 
Fixed: #580306 A warning is not always instantly or consistently displayed when attempting to edit a ticket that is already being edited by someone else 
Fixed: #599932 Agents with the Alter SLA permission are unable to see the Recalculate SLA option under Change\Change Priority in tickets unless they are also team leaders 
Fixed: #607982 An “undisclosed recipients” user is added to a ticket’s user list when receiving an email whose To and CC fields are empty 
Fixed: #572411 An error page is generated when submitting a description for an asset that exceeds the character limit 
Fixed: #601392 An internal server error is generated when sorting the Active column in the Users section of Configuration\User Access & Roles 
Fixed: #526416 An unnecessary Security drop-down menu is displayed when editing an Exchange (EWS) account under Configuration\E-mail Settings 
Fixed: #587021 Article dates listed in the knowledge base do not use the format configured in the upper right corner of the web console 
Fixed: #543724 Broken Type drop-down menu for SNMP OID lookups under Configuration\Asset Mapping 
Fixed: #592050 Calendar events are referred to as tasks within a ticket’s History tab 
Fixed: #583526 Character encoding issue in Internet Explorer when downloading files from the web console that have Cyrillic characters in their names 
Fixed: #606194 Character encoding issue when creating a custom SLA for a ticket 
Fixed: #580279 Column header misalignment in asset lists under Configuration\Asset Groups 
Fixed: #594472 Deleting an item while editing its properties results in an error, e.g. under Software\Authorization 
Fixed: #601402 Deletions of Location assets are not logged in the tblConfigLog database table 
Fixed: #588571 Deployments get stuck performing preliminary checks if a faulty package share path is submitted under Deployment\Security Options 
Fixed: #530498 Details of overdue calendar events in the upper right corner of the web console are not fully translated 
Fixed: #581813 Double-clicking the Next button on the second to last page of credentials or targets in the Scanning menu takes you to a blank page 
Fixed: #565736 Editing and then saving an existing user sometimes results in the following error: “There is no row at position 0” 
Fixed: #612559 Excessive logging of “Errorlogging exception” errors in Program Files (x86)\Lansweeper\Website\App_Data\web_errorlog.txt 
Fixed: #541566 Faulty error message when submitting an invalid MAC address on an asset page 
Fixed: #540237 Faulty validation error when submitting a Windows scanning credential whose login uses the domain\username format and whose username includes periods 
Fixed: #600626 Faulty, unnecessary tooltip in the History tab of tickets 
Fixed: #575496 Grammatical error in the warning message seen under Configuration\General Settings when deleting calendar event types that still have related events 
Fixed: #543513 If an agent is subscribed to a user’s ticket but not a member of the ticket’s team, the ticket is not visible to the agent on the user page 
Fixed: #528693 If an image is both embedded in an incoming help desk email and attached, but the link between embedded image and attachment is broken in the email, the image is not added as an attachment to the resulting ticket 
Fixed: #577212 If the Lansweeper installer cannot locate LansweeperService.exe and/or web.ver during an update, it shows an installed version v0 instead of a clear warning 
Fixed: #594425 In the Users section of Configuration\User Access & Roles, text can be manually typed in the Role column, which should not be possible 
Fixed: #537878 Inability to add line breaks to textarea ticket custom fields when creating a new ticket 
Fixed: #609057 Inconsistencies in the History tab of tickets when editing followups through the ticket API 
Fixed: #557742 Inconsistent and incorrect behavior of the Configuration\Email Alerts page when using multiple scanning servers 
Fixed: #535509 Inconsistent behavior in tickets when filling in nested multiselect custom fields 
Fixed: #573294 Inconsistent behavior of scroll bars in popups for editing ticket notes and knowledge base articles 
Fixed: #570747 Inconsistent behavior of separators (points and commas) in currency and numeric asset custom fields 
Fixed: #528086 Inconsistent behavior of the Select All/Deselect All buttons when configuring outgoing email templates under Configuration\E-mail Settings 
Fixed: #540240 Inconsistent capitalization of words in cleanup options under Configuration\Server Options 
Fixed: #609916 Inconsistent default values (NULL or empty string) for asset custom fields 
Fixed: #570252 Inconsistent display of asset boxes when hitting the Toggle Asset Names button in location maps 
Fixed: #541776 Inconsistent display of last scan dates in the Config\Display section of individual Windows computer webpages 
Fixed: #594913 Inconsistent expand/collapse behavior of schedules and options under Scanning\Scanning Targets after editing targets 
Fixed: #572760 Inconsistent incoming and outgoing statuses for help desk email accounts under Configuration\E-mail Settings and help desk email addresses sometimes added as users to the database 
Fixed: #587789 Inconsistent list of possible default agents for a ticket type under Configuration\Ticket Content before and after refreshing the webpage 
Fixed: #575780 Inconsistent placement of the date selection popup you see when clicking the Agenda option in the calendar and then hitting the button to the left of it 
Fixed: #570718 Inconsistent sorting when clicking column headers of columns that contain drop-down lists and inconsistent inactive agent warnings under Configuration\Ticket Content 
Fixed: #621972 Inconsistent warnings and behavior when deleting a ticket type, state, priority or other property that is still referenced in other parts of the web console, e.g. in dispatching rules 
Fixed: #551979 Incorrect amount of memory scanned for Xen servers 
Fixed: #567509 Incorrect cursor icon in certain cases when hovering over text in a ticket note 
Fixed: #609254 Incorrect product name scanned for license keys of Microsoft Office 2016 installations 
Fixed: #543006 Incorrect scan duration estimate when including extra spaces in an IP range submitted for Batch Scanning 
Fixed: #580276 Input validation errors related to the Service Options section of Configuration\Server Options are translated into the chosen help desk language, even though translation should only happen in the help desk 
Fixed: #577164 Insufficient line spacing in notifications and the History tab of tickets when ticket priorities are mentioned 
Fixed: #570409 Invalid JSON in the sample outputs of the API documentation under Configuration\Ticket API 
Fixed: #588606 It is not possible to delete a calendar event type under Configuration\General Settings, even when first deleting all related events 
Fixed: #564139 It is not possible to manually type values in color pickers found throughout the web console 
Fixed: #577392 It is possible to assign duplicate values to a ticket’s multi-select custom field through the ticket API 
Fixed: #609926 It is possible to clear a ticket’s description during editing while the description is marked as required 
Fixed: #594584 It is possible to clear a ticket’s subject while editing, even though submitting a subject is always required 
Fixed: #580319 It is possible to submit the same folder as Inbox, Archive and Ignored for a help desk email account, a setup that creates an email loop 
Fixed: #594109 JavaScript errors in Internet Explorer 8 in several web console menus, e.g. the Batch Scanning section of Scanning\Scanning Targets 
Fixed: #577709 Leading and trailing spaces are not automatically stripped from IP addresses submitted as part of IP locations or scanned IP ranges, resulting in validation errors 
Fixed: #621842 Leading and trailing spaces are not automatically stripped from values in imported .csv files, sometimes resulting in unexpected import behavior 
Fixed: #582450 Leaving OLD_TICKET_ID blank in a ticket import file results in the records being imported as notes of a single ticket instead of as multiple tickets 
Fixed: #594469 Minor issues and inconsistencies related to alert configuration under Configuration\Email Alerts 
Fixed: #578005 Misalignment of nested custom fields in tickets 
Fixed: #532634 Missing Process Name in the deployment steps of the following built-in packages: Kill – Internet Explorer, Kill – Firefox, Kill – Chrome 
Fixed: #592892 Monitor serial number scanning issue for the following Acer monitor models: CB241H, S241HL 
Fixed: #623737 Monitor serial number scanning issue for the following Acer monitor models: H277H, K242HQL, KA240H 
Fixed: #625118 No email is sent to the user if an agent initiated ticket is created with attachments but no ticket description 
Fixed: #560511 No history displayed when hitting the Note Editing History button in notes of demo tickets 
Fixed: #599946 No warning is given under Configuration\General Settings when configuring an SLA whose initial response time is the same as its resolve time 
Fixed: #631614 Not all relevant users are displayed in the Active Agents and Active Users dashboard widgets due to a case sensitivity issue 
Fixed: #563439 Overflow issue under Configuration\User Access & Roles in the popup for adding an agent to more teams, when there are a lot of teams 
Fixed: #600887 Placing your cursor in the password box of an existing email account under Configuration\E-mail Settings does not clear the box 
Fixed: #589819 Several issues related to the dashboard, e.g. inability to delete a manually created Main Page tab 
Fixed: #624402 Several issues with preferred domain controllers submitted under Scanning\Scanning Targets: changes not taking effect until a Lansweeper service restart, inability to submit multiple preferred DCs for the same domain across multiple scanning servers, use of preferred DCs preventing successful Active Directory User/Group Path scans 
Fixed: #566296 Spaces are not automatically stripped from ticket API requests for adding or removing subscribers, resulting in failed requests 
Fixed: #609023 Special characters in usernames can cause display issues and errors in the web console 
Fixed: #567005 Submitting a schedule for a new IP Range scanning target is required when it shouldn’t be 
Fixed: #537013 Text alignment issue in the Teams column of the Users section under Configuration\User Access & Roles 
Fixed: #577996 Text misalignment, inconsistent capitalization and partial translations in the built-in help desk languages 
Fixed: #574980 The Assign Tickets To Other Agents permission isn’t nested under the Perform Ticket Actions permission, causing seemingly incorrect permission behavior in some cases 
Fixed: #526997 The built-in report “Device: New devices found in the last 24 hours” looks different depending on whether the Lansweeper database is hosted in SQL Compact or SQL Server 
Fixed: #542370 The Config\Hardware\Trusted Platform Modules section of a Windows computer webpage lists TPM data of all computers instead of just the selected computer 
Fixed: #614987 The delete button next to users in the User section of ticket filters sometimes disappears, making it impossible to remove users from the filter 
Fixed: #541760 The Installed column in the Software tab of Linux assets is empty even when software installation dates have successfully been retrieved from the assets 
Fixed: #567011 The labels for relation columns under Edit Asset on individual asset pages are not always correct 
Fixed: #576531 The Lansweeper installer can get stuck attempting to start the IIS (Express) service if the service is currently disabled 
Fixed: #583353 The Last Added Knowledgebase Articles report in the Helpdesk Report widget lists the oldest articles instead of the newest and only lists 10 results instead of the configured number 
Fixed: #572612 The list of standard mail servers under Configuration\Email Alerts is not consistent with the one under Configuration\E-mail Settings, e.g. doesn’t include Exchange (EWS) 
Fixed: #575359 The Now button in time picker popups looks disabled when it isn’t 
Fixed: #592406 The same CC user can be added multiple times to a new or existing help desk ticket 
Fixed: #585442 The same email address is sometimes assigned to multiple help desk users, e.g. when scanning users with an Active Directory User/Group Path target 
Fixed: #542338 The status of items in the History tab of ignored tickets is not always set to green when it should be 
Fixed: #527252 The WindowsLS image referenced in the built-in deployment package “Script – Change Desktop Wallpaper” has an incorrect file extension 
Fixed: #624653 Ticket notes are not visible to agents who are subscribed as Watch Only to the tickets 
Fixed: #579986 Titles of import popups found throughout the web console don’t always start with a capital letter 
Fixed: #589699 Two issues regarding detection of graphics card memory: memory incorrectly being rounded down in the Summary tab of assets and LsPush detecting 1MB instead of the actual amount of memory 
Fixed: #565495 Two issues related to asset/user relations: errors when clicking the Assets link and creating relations with users whose names include special characters, duplicate asset/user relations displayed multiple times on certain pages 
Fixed: #534665 Typos in the tooltip for the Show On Ticket Hover option under Configuration\General Settings 
Fixed: #593572 Unclear error message in the Chart Report widget when attempting to view a help desk report without the necessary permissions 
Fixed: #572700 Unclear error message in ticket templates and outgoing email templates when submitting a title or other setting that exceeds the character limit 
Fixed: #572601 Unclear error message under Configuration\Asset Groups when importing IP ranges that overlap with existing ones 
Fixed: #595023 Unclear error message under Configuration\Look & Feel when submitting a help desk name that exceeds the character limit 
Fixed: #584860 Unclear error message under Scanning\Scanning Targets when editing a Workgroup target and changing it into the name of an already submitted workgroup 
Fixed: #563264 Unclear error message when submitting a description for a calendar event that exceeds the character limit 
Fixed: #577162 Unclear error message when submitting a faulty listen port in the Service Options section of Configuration\Server Options 
Fixed: #570228 Unclear error message when submitting a name for a dashboard tab that exceeds the character limit 
Fixed: #591018 Unclear error message when the Values submitted for asset custom fields under Configuration\Asset Pages exceed the character limit 
Fixed: #575530 Unclear examples in the test fields of the Incoming Mail section under Configuration\E-mail Settings 
Fixed: #573312 Unnecessary duplicate close button in the report builder 
Fixed: #569669 Unnecessary second button in the Note Editing History popup of ticket notes 
Fixed: #555499 Unused asset type called Migrated Assettype 66 under Configuration\Asset Mapping 
Fixed: #593065 Users are unable to configure package shares of IP locations under Deployment\Security Options if they have the Access Deployment permission but not the Access Configuration permission 
Fixed: #526942 Validation for Date and DateTime ticket custom fields does not catch all invalid input 
Fixed: #542725 Various issues with Lansweeper functionality when TLS 1.0 is turned off 
Fixed: #530923 Web console slowness issue when editing and saving users 
Fixed: #503201 When a help desk email account has different email addresses submitted under General Settings and Outgoing, the help desk email address is added as a CC user to tickets and blank notes appear in the tickets 
Fixed: #526937 When adding a combobox custom field to a ticket type under Configuration\Ticket Content, the first value is displayed as “On” instead of the actual value, until the configuration is saved 
Fixed: #572401 When adding an image to a user but hitting Ok without selecting a file, the image upload popup goes blank 
Fixed: #530966 When an Active Directory user logs into the help desk and submits his email address, his manually submitted email address is overwritten upon rescanning AD users 
Fixed: #588801 When changing a ticket’s user, the ticket’s History tab does not mention what the previous user was 
Fixed: #582091 When clicking the Assets link at the top of the web console and deleting all assets on a specific page, assets on the previous page are not listed until the webpage is refreshed 
Fixed: #557387 When clicking the Assets link at the top of the web console and using the upper Mass Edit Assets feature, asset changes are not logged in the tblConfigLog database table 
Fixed: #582820 When creating a calendar event, hitting the Select button in the resulting popup to choose a related ticket and hitting Enter, an error occurs 
Fixed: #562899 When creating a deployment step whose command is too long to store in the Lansweeper database, no clear error is given that the step cannot be saved 
Fixed: #577095 When creating an agent initiated ticket with CC users, the CC users are added to the To field of the resulting email instead of the CC field 
Fixed: #585327 When deleting a calendar event and then performing certain actions like changing the web console date format, the event popup reappears 
Fixed: #572606 When deleting a static group beneath the default one under Configuration\Asset Groups, related columns and buttons are not removed until the webpage is refreshed 
Fixed: #528975 When deleting a ticket custom field under Configuration\Ticket Content, HTML code is displayed in the confirmation popup 
Fixed: #568690 When deleting the child asset in an asset relation, a reference to the relation is left behind in the database 
Fixed: #528475 When deleting the scanning server responsible for warranty scanning, warranty scanning is disabled without warning 
Fixed: #560289 When editing an existing SSH Certificate credential, Passphrase is marked as required when it shouldn’t be 
Fixed: #592900 When excluding certain states from the Ticket State Statistics widget and clicking on a Total count, the exclusion is not applied to the resulting ticket list 
Fixed: #527979 When generating a print preview for a ticket, files attached to the ticket’s initial note are not listed 
Fixed: #581142 When hitting the Browse button next to SQL Server Connection in the CompactToServer tool and then attempting to close the popup with the [X] in the upper right corner, an error is generated 
Fixed: #631592 When images are used in help desk signatures and users reply to help desk emails, the signature images are added as attachments to the tickets even though they shouldn’t be 
Fixed: #606141 When including special characters in a remark for an allowed ActiveX control under Software\Authorization, an error is generated 
Fixed: #573356 When notes are sorted in descending order and there are more than 50 of them, the Go To Last Note button in individual tickets takes you to the wrong note 
Fixed: #582789 When opening a specific ticket and while the page is loading, the Edit button in the ticket can incorrectly act as a Close button 
Fixed: #591278 When opening the ConfigEditor tool, making changes to configuration files outside of the tool and then attempting to close the tool, unhandled exception errors occur 
Fixed: #614849 When pasting certain text into a help desk note editor in version 64 of Google Chrome, the following tooltip error occurs: “Error executing the inserthtml command” 
Fixed: #575073 When placing your cursor in the empty Refresh column of a disabled scan item under Scanning\Scanned Item Interval and then enabling the item, an error occurs 
Fixed: #564179 When repeatedly editing an outgoing email template under Configuration\E-mail Settings, images sometimes disappear from the template 
Fixed: #629920 When scanning ESX/VMware servers whose BIOS date cannot be read, certain server details are not retrieved 
Fixed: #570220 When scanning Linux computers using an SSH certificate/key, execution of sudo commands fails because no option is provided to submit a sudo password 
Fixed: #537368 When scheduling multiple scanning targets close to midnight, not all targets are scanned if the first one has not finished before midnight 
Fixed: #572621 When selecting secondary agents to subscribe to a ticket and switching between tabs in the popup, the Ok button becomes unclickable 
Fixed: #532386 When submitting a valid user principal name (UPN) as a credential, deployments using this credential fail with an access denied error 
Fixed: #561870 When the last action on a ticket is a description edit you yourself performed, previous notifications related to the ticket are not removed in the upper right corner of the web console 
Fixed: #590366 When unchecking Edit Mode in a deployment step but then choosing No in the confirmation popup, Edit Mode is unchecked anyway 
Fixed: #595353 When using a web browser spell check to replace a word in a ticket note, the change isn’t saved 
Fixed: #620820 When using the Retry During option for a deployment, the deployment logs do not indicate that the deployment is in fact repeatedly tried 
Fixed: #624627 When viewing days in the calendar, the scroll bar does not automatically jump to show events at 6 o’clock in the morning and beyond

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