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Seamlessly Integrate Armis with Lansweeper

Combining Lansweeper & Armis

Track behavior, detect threats, and help you take action to protect your business.

Discover every asset in your environment with 100% visibility and rich context to track behavior, detect threats, and help you take action to protect your business. Lansweeper integrates easily with the tools you already have in your security architecture, like Armis, allowing you to leverage existing investment in both products to achieve excellent value and more automated response.

Key Integration Features

  • There are layers of intelligence that you can get on an Asset. The more data you can have on each asset the better for Security, the better for enhancing manual workflows.
  • Having up-to-date asset intelligence for your Vulnerability Management is critical, integration of your Lansweeper IT, OT, and IOT asset data to Armis is the first step in context for your team in knowing what to remediate, where to act, first.
  • Armis Data Connector for Lansweeper configures an API integration between the two products, allowing you to connect, configure, schedule, and move Intelligent asset data from Lansweeper to Armis


  • Lansweeper Starter, Pro or Enterprise License Tier


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Armis provides a unified asset intelligence platform to address the new extended attack surface that connected assets create.

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Lansweeper Enterprise, Lansweeper Pro, Lansweeper Starter

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