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Introducing Lansweeper’s 2022 Summer Release: ‘Bacchus’

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By Lucia Dochita

Summertime is here, and the weather’s not the only thing that’s hot. Lansweeper just launched our Lansweeper 2022 Summer Release: ‘Bacchus’ – our hottest version yet! With OT discovery capabilities, Risk Insights, and a bevy of platform enhancements, you’ll benefit from greater flexibility and control as you discover, inventory, and manage your expanding technology estate. So, grab a lemonade and turn on your fan as we explore all of the exciting new features ‘Bacchus’ brings to the table. Watch the entire Bacchus release keynote presentation here.

OT Discovery

Complete Visibility for Operational Technology

The convergence of IT and Operational Technology (OT) enables cost, performance, and productivity gains – but it also introduces risk. Maintaining a complete and accurate inventory of your OT is as critical as it is for IT. With our latest release, Lansweeper has added OT Discovery capabilities, enabling you to detect and identify industrial OT assets from manufacturers such as Siemens, Rockwell Automation, Mitsubishi Electric, Schneider Electric, and ABBDetects in seconds. Now you can collect and analyze detailed information about each device – manufacturer, model, serial number, firmware versions, and more.

Risk Insights

Identify Critical Vulnerabilities & Threats

The more your technology estate expands, the more likely vulnerabilities will creep in. To protect your organization, it’s essential to detect these vulnerabilities quickly and take immediate action. With our latest release, we’ve added new vulnerability management capabilities, enabling you to map assets against the NIST vulnerabilities database and then drill down to identify impacted assets. You can also access important details, such as CVSS score breakdown, severity, published date, source, source links, and more.

Hardware & OS Lifecycle Insights

Track IT Assets Throughout the Lifecycle & Optimize Costs

When your IT assets reach EOL or EOS, you need to know about it. Our latest release improves hardware and OS lifecycle management with access to rich data such as manual and warranty URLs. With this information on hand, you’ll be more prepared for equipment upgrades and implementations, before outdated devices become a problem.

On-Prem UI Refresh

Enjoy a Modernized User Interface

Many Lansweeper customers are using our on-premises product and are extending its functionality with Lansweeper Cloud. We’ve completely overhauled our on-prem UI to align more tightly with our Cloud UI, making the link to Cloud seamless. Additionally, we’ve updated and refreshed the entire on-prem UI to make it more aesthetically pleasing and easier to navigate!

On-Prem UI Refresh Lansweeper

Microsoft Power BI Integration

Blend & Visualize Lansweeper Data in Power BI for a 360-Degree View

While Lansweeper offers built-in analytics to analyze your technology asset data, adding in data from other departments provides a more holistic view of trends and KPIs across the organization. Lansweeper now offers tight integration with Microsoft Power BI – the leading business intelligence solution – to make Lansweeper data accessible alongside all your company data. We’ve created two PowerBI dashboard templates and a comprehensive user guide to get you up and running quickly.

Power BI Integration 2 1.png

API Enhancements

With the latest update, we’ve improved the Elastic Search capabilities, providing greater flexibility. We’ve also improved software querying in the API to support more use cases in the scope of security or in general software management. Learn more about the Lansweeper API.

Cloud Enhancements

Our latest release features a host of exciting enhancements to improve your experience with Lansweeper Cloud. Here’s the shortlist:

  • The field catalog now includes System indicators, Standard fields, and Custom fields.
  • Improved Export capabilities to the Scan issues, Inventory, and Software menus.
  • 2022 Spring Release feature parity includes extended display data, MS store apps, Linux enhancements (software, users, hardware), Windows certificates, and Windows drivers.
  • Create or edit assets in Lansweeper Cloud, and automatically sync new info with your on-premises instance.
Lansweeper Cloud

Built for Global Organizations to Fuel Any IT Scenario

The Enterprise-grade Platformnfor Managing Technology Asset Data in 1 Place

Learn More

On-Prem Enhancements

Lansweeper’s 2022 Summer Release extends monitor scanning with the ability to recognize and get more information about a wide array of monitors. We’ve also updated LsAgent with enhanced Windows management features, such as the ability to control which LsAgent assets are updated to the latest version.

Those are the highlights of our Summer 2022 updates – they’re all available and ready for you to start using today. Simply start your free trial or update your current Installation to unlock these powerful new features!


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