Extended display scanning

From version 9.4 onward, Lansweeper includes an extended display scanning feature. Extended display scanning retrieves additional data for monitors attached to Windows computers: size in inches, max resolution, aspect ratio, response time, refresh rate, number and type of ports, power usage and more! A wide variety of common monitor models are supported for extended display scanning.

Extended display scanning is ticked and enabled by default in the First Run Wizard of new Lansweeper installations. The feature can also be manually enabled or disabled in the Configuration\General menu of the Lansweeper web console.

If you manually enable the feature, don't forget to fully rescan your Windows computers afterward, with the Rescan button or with a scanning agent. The extended display data will be added to the asset pages of your computers' connected monitor assets when the computers' monitor data is rescanned. It can also be viewed in the built-in "Monitor: information" report, in built-in charts in the Chart Report dashboard widget and in custom reports based on the tblExtendedDisplayUni database table.

If extended display data was detected for a monitor asset, that monitor asset counts toward your Lansweeper installation's licensed asset limit. If no extended display data could be found or if the extended display scanning feature is not enabled, the monitor asset does not count toward your licensed asset limit.

Be aware that if you disable extended display scanning after previously having it enabled, your previously detected extended display data is deleted. If you re-enable the feature, you will need to fully rescan your Windows computers for the extended display data to reappear.

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