Why Lansweeper?

Lansweeper helps you to minimize risks and optimize your IT
by providing actionable insight into your entire technology estate.


Challenges Faced by Enterprises

IT Complexity

Little-to-no centralized inventory to ensure what or where all technology assets reside.

Change Outpaces Admin

Disjointed and redundant IT assets may result in some sitting idle or at half capacity

Security Baseline

Organizations are lacking visibility and have trouble defining what "complete" looks like.

Cost Optimization

Disjointed visibility hides opportunities to update and consolidate the IT estate.

Get Results

How Lansweeper Benefits your Business

Increase Visibility

Eliminate the blind spots from your environment and discover assets you didn't even know about.

Boost Productivity

Automate recordkeeping, reporting and other tedious tasks to make time for what you do best.

Reduce Risk Exposure

Identify risks, vulnerabilities and non-compliance issues before they become a problem.

Cut Costs

Reveal needless expenses, support budgeting decisions and manage your IT cost-effectively.

As IT Complexity Increases, Visibility Fades

With IT popping up in every shape, everywhere, anytime, the pressure is as high as it has ever been on IT processes ensuring stability, continuity, and productivity for an organization. Infrastructure, software, and users can be anywhere at any time. There's no centralized IT inventory tracking all the moving parts. IT managers have to make decisions that are often based on scattered, out of date, and incomplete data sources. How can you effectively manage the IT of an organization, if you’re not 100% sure of what assets you have to manage in the first place?

The High Cost of a Fragmented Approach

An incomplete, inaccurate inventory of the IT estate may also result in hardware assets sitting idle or at half capacity. Organizations end up paying for software licenses they're not even using. Forgotten or missed assets may be running outdated software or even malware, creating security vulnerabilities that lead to huge financial losses and compromised data.

This has a number of everyday consequences:

  • Underleveraged and redundant data silos
  • Inefficiency and misinformed decisions
  • Enterprise-wide misalignment
  • Money being lost across the board

All Technology Asset Data in 1 Place

Lansweeper is turning the process of creating asset inventories on its head. Rather than collecting IT asset data to meet the criteria of specific IT scenarios, we believe ITAM  should be a scenario-independent endeavor, with the goal of creating a single source of truth.

Centralized IT Asset Data enables every stakeholder who needs insights into your company’s IT landscape to speak the same language. Connecting and centralizing IT Asset Data to collaborate across silos, locations, and departments is essential. Read more about Technology Asset Intelligence.

One Universal IT Asset Inventory

All Technology Asset Data in One Place

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