What's New in Lansweeper

It's summertime! And what could be more relaxing than knowing you have complete visibility and actionable insights into your technology asset estate? Our ‘Bacchus’ launch features OT discovery capabilities, broadening your coverage to encompass more technology assets than ever, along with new security insights and platform enhancements to provide greater flexibility and control over how you manage your asset inventory.

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What's new?

OT Discovery

Bring your OT & IT estate together under a single pane of glass.

Security Insights

Mitigate the risk of vulnerabilities connected to your software assets.

Lifecycle Insights

Know which software and assets are about to go end of life.

MS Power BI Integration

Import Lansweeper data into Power BI to analyze trends & KPIs.

On-prem UI Refresh

Modernized look and feel to align with the Lansweeper Cloud UI.

OT Discovery -Preview-

Complete Visibility for Operational Technology (OT)

Lansweeper OT enables organizations to scan, detect and identify a wide range of OT devices from popular manufacturers leveraging native OT protocols. Maintain a complete and accurate OT Inventory with detailed data about each device. Avoid vulnerabilities and attacks by remediating outdated firmware versions, reducing downtime, and optimizing the cost and performance of your OT estate.

Security Insights

Security & Vulnerability Insights -Preview-

Identify Critical Vulnerabilities & Threats

Leverage vulnerability information from the NIST catalog connected to your assets and benefit from vulnerability insights. Gain visibility of assets that have known vulnerabilities along with a severity indicator, and benefit from faster triage and incident response. 

Hardware & OS Lifecycle Insights -Preview-

Track IT Assets Throughout the Lifecycle & Optimize Costs

Find which of your hardware assets and Operatin Systems will go end of life. Access lifecycle information to track the support status of products in your environment, allowing you to plan future purchases, replacements, upgrades, and assess security-related risks due to lifecycle status.

On-Prem UI Refresh

Enjoy a Modernized User Interface

Many Lansweeper customers are using our on-premises product and are extending its functionality with Lansweeper Cloud. We've completely overhauled our on-prem UI to align more tightly with our Cloud UI, making the link to Cloud seamless. Additionally, we've updated and refreshed the entire on-prem UI to make it more aesthetically pleasing and easier to navigate!

Microsoft Power BI intergration

Blend & Visualize Lansweeper Data in Power BI for a 360-Degree View

Lansweeper now integrates with Microsoft Power BI, the leading business intelligence solution on the market. With this integration, Lansweeper data is accessible alongside other company data in Power BI, making it easier to track and analyze key trends and KPIs across your organization. Lansweeper's Summer release offers two Power BI Dashboard templates. You can also access a comprehensive user guide to get up and running.

API Enhancements

Enhancements to the Lansweeper API

Several enhancements to the Lansweeper API improve your ability to query, search and use Lansweeper data. Elastic Search enhances search capabilities, providing greater flexibility. We’ve also improved software querying in the API to support more use cases in the scope of security or in general software management.

Cloud Enhancements

Enhancements to Lansweeper Cloud

A number of enhancements in Lansweeper Cloud are now available:

  • The field catalog now includes System indicators, Standard fields, and Custom fields.
  • Improved Export capabilities to the Scan issues, Inventory, and Software menus.
  • 2022 Spring Release feature parity includes extended display data, MS store apps, Linux enhancements (software, users, hardware), Windows certificates, and Windows drivers.
  • Create or edit assets in Lansweeper Cloud, and automatically sync new info with your on-premises instance.

On-Prem Enhancements

Enhancements to Lansweeper On-prem

Our latest release extends monitor scanning with the ability to recognize and provide more data about a wide array of monitors. An update to LsAgent provides enhanced Windows management, enabling you to control which LsAgent assets receive updates to the latest version.

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