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Lansweeper + Microsoft Power BI: Drive Business Decisions with Analytics and Intelligence

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By Lucia Dochita

So much data, so few insights: this is the dilemma that’s prompted businesses in every industry to adopt Data analytics and Business Intelligence (BI) tools and practices in recent years. Companies understand that the full power of their data has yet to be unleashed, and by using advanced analytics, they can uncover trends and insights that lay hidden and hold the key to improving customer experience, optimizing processes, and driving revenue. According to MMR, the Global Business Analytics Market is expected to reach nearly $113 billion by 2027, growing at a CAGR of 7.5% over the next five years.

The goal of business analytics and intelligence is to leverage data to accurately assess a business’s current state and predict future events that may be related to a number of business variables: target buyers, customers, market trends, churn, finances, and so on. Analytics tools work best when they can analyze data from a variety of sources holistically, taking into account real-time information from various departments and teams across an organization.

Lansweeper offers analytics with more than 450 ready-made, out-of-the-box reports, as well as the ability to build custom reports in minutes. These reports help our customers visualize and analyze data using intuitive dashboards and widgets, or create custom dashboards for specific use cases such as hardware or software management, to gain actionable insights into patch status, vulnerability exposure, security compliance, and more.

While Lansweeper’s built-in analytics capabilities are great for analyzing technology asset data, combining data with data from other departments is a powerful way to provide a comprehensive view of key trends and KPIs across the company. Analyzing data from Lansweeper and various other sources holistically enables teams to find answers to business questions that require multiple inputs from different teams or business units. Through tight integration with the leading business intelligence solution – Microsoft Power BI – Lansweeper makes this possible.


Combining Lansweeper & Microsoft Power BI

Blend and visualize Lansweeper Data in Power BI for a 360-degree view.

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Gain a 360-degree view with Lansweeper and Microsoft Power BI

Based on the feedback we received from customers, Microsoft Power BI is the most common tool they use to perform analytics. An interactive data visualization software tool, Power BI comprises software services, apps, and connectors, all working together to turn unrelated sources of data into coherent, visually immersive, and interactive insights. Data can come from Excel spreadsheets, cloud-based or on-premises data warehouses, or – through a recently announced integration – Lansweeper.

Lansweeper integrates seamlessly with Microsoft Power BI, so you can start using the solution quickly and visualize Lansweeper’s complete and up-to-date technology asset data alongside other business data for a 360° view. By blending Lansweeper data together with data from a variety of other sources, Lansweeper’s integration with Power BI enables unprecedented insights and technology asset intelligence. For example:

  • Mixing IT asset data and financial data helps CIOs make decisions about budget requests for equipment renovation and purchases.
  • Blending IT asset data with payroll data helps to verify hardware availability within the company and prepare for growth.
  • Data from various sources can be used to enrich the Lansweeper data model with additional fields, categories, and groups that are relevant to specific business use cases and functions.
Lansweeper Power BI Integration Dashboard

As part of the integration with Power BI, Lansweeper has created two dashboard templates: one for Power BI Cloud and one for Power BI desktop. You can find them in our comprehensive user guide, which walks you through the steps for importing, setting up, and configuring the dashboard templates and exporting Lansweeper data to Power BI using our proprietary API.

Lansweeper’s integration with Power BI enables you to visualize data in new ways for unprecedented insights and business intelligence. Check out our User Guide and templates, and start reaping the benefits of this powerful business analytics solution today.


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