What's New in Lansweeper

Fall has fallen, and the Lansweeper 2023 Fall Release has dropped. The ‘Ename’ Launch brings a preview of the Cloud-First IT Agent, the Public Cloud Inventory beta program, new improvements to Risk Insights, on-prem OT Inventory, new integrations, and more.

IT Agent Preview Example

Introducing a Next-gen IT Agent

We are proud to announce the arrival of the Lansweeper IT Agent. This new modern agent combines the strengths of both its predecessors (LsAgent & LsPush) and new features. Like LsAgent, it scans your Windows, Linux, and Mac devices locally, making silent deployments possible on all three OSs. The discovered data can be synchronised directly into your Lansweeper Cloud Site. No need to pass through a relay. This preview can be found on your Lansweeper Cloud Site but will soon be available on-prem.

Public Cloud Inventory

Explore Your Public Cloud Assets

Discover, explore, and understand the intricacies of your cloud resources effortlessly by joining the Public Cloud Inventory Beta Program. Enjoy advanced cloud scanning features tailored for Microsoft Azure, Amazon Web Services, and Google Cloud Platform. Gain new insights into your resources and get a clear view of your entire cloud setup. Join now and help us build the future of cloud management.

Vulnerability Risk Insights Patch Informations

Enhanced Risk Insights: Set Your Own Priorities

Continuously improving the Risk Insights feature is still one of our top priorities, so here’s what’s new this fall.

  • Improved accuracy in matching vulnerability data to assets.
  • Patch information and specific patches for each asset for Microsoft vulnerabilities, using data from the MSRC API, coming soon.
  • Vulnerability data is available in the API so it can fuel your custom integrations.
  • Sort vulnerabilities in your customizable views based on your own priorities like exploitability, patch info, attack vector, and more. Sort up to four columns in a single view!
  • A new Vulnerability Dashboard has been added to Lansweeper Cloud Sites.

OT Inventory Lansweeper On Prem

Lansweeper On-prem Welcomes OT Inventory

The OT inventory is now available for Lansweeper on-prem. You can send your OT data straight from the OT hub to your on-prem Lansweeper installation. This way, your data does not have to flow outside your organization, giving you a fully offline OT experience.

There is also news for OT in Lansweeper Cloud. You can now edit your OT assets directly in your Lansweeper console.


New Integrations and the On-Prem Marketplace

Have you had a look at Lansweeper’s integrations recently? We keep adding new ones to help you fuel all of your IT projects and goals. What’s more, you can now casually browse through integrations on the Marketplace on-prem as well. Check out the new integrations with ArmisInvgate, and Axonius. The Service Graph connector for ServiceNow is now also compatible with the Utah version.

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