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Introducing Lansweeper’s 2022 Spring Launch: ‘Aymon’

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By Lucia Dochita

Spring is here – and it’s time for Lansweeper’s latest launch: ‘Aymon’. With a long list of powerful new features, our 2022 Spring Launch delivers on the promise of Technology Asset Intelligence, enabling organizations to derive actionable intelligence from every physical, virtual and software asset across the technology estate.

Our new release adds capabilities to simplify the process of creating a complete and accurate technology asset inventory while enabling you to collect more information about Windows and Linux assets than ever.

Our Spring 2022 Launch Keynote was filled with exciting stuff: where we’re going, what’s coming up, customer insights, and feature launches. Missed it or need a recap? Watch on-demand here.

Introducing Lansweeper Cloud

Today’s organizations are often highly distributed with locations scattered geographically across multiple locations. Lansweeper Cloud extends our industry-leading Asset Discovery Software with a modern, cloud-based interface. With Cloud, we build on our best-in-class discovery by enabling data federation and API-based integrations to support multiple IT scenarios throughout your organization.

Already 3 million assets are actively being synced to Lansweeper Cloud by early adapters, so be sure to try this out for yourselves!

Lansweeper Cloud

Built for Global Organizations to Fuel Any IT Scenario

The Enterprise-grade Platformnfor Managing Technology Asset Data in 1 Place

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Lansweeper Cloud Platform

Data Federation Across Multiple Instances

Lansweeper Cloud federates data from all local Lansweeper discovery instances into a single source of truth. Global organizations can connect multiple, geographically distributed office locations – no matter how far apart – and gain deep insights into the entire IT environment from a single site.

Advanced Role-Based Access Controls

Gain precise control of user access across assets and locations through roles & permissions. With Lansweeper Cloud’s new permissions system, you can delegate tasks to specific users without giving them full access to all of your data. Single Sign-On (SSO) & Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) will let you configure an authentication method to reduce the number of logins a user needs to do while enhancing the security of your organization.

Drag & Drop Report Builder

Building reports has never been easier. Users can now create their own reports in minutes without having the need for in-depth database expertise in Lansweeper Cloud. The revamped intuitive drag-and-drop report builder offers real-time results while building the report itself, making it much easier to understand what is going on. Sharing reports & dashboards throughout your team and organization has never been easier, truly unlocking your IT data.

API-Based Integration Framework

Our integration framework and API open the gates to easy integrations and empowers Lansweeper users to support multiple IT scenarios with up-to-date, accurate IT Inventory data at all times and connect that data to external technologies and solutions. You can use Lansweeper’s API framework & standard integrations to auto-populate your CMDB and keep it up to date, achieve Service Desk excellence and enrich security incident alerts in your SIEM/SOAR solutions, and so on. No matter what the IT scenario, the data is there, it’s accurate, and it’s ready to use.

Linux Scanning Expansion & Improvements

This release features the ability to perform deep scanning of Linux assets using your preferred methods. Initiate scanning using package manager, flatpack-list or snap-list commands, or software in/opt; /usr/local – the choice is yours! Lansweeper retrieves general user data as well as group membership information and last logged-on users. Custom file scanning is now supported, as well. 

Expanding Windows Discovery

Windows Certificate Scanning

Enhance security and authentication for your Windows assets with a simple way to track Windows security certificates. Lansweeper provides complete visibility across all certificates and all of their details, helping you to protect sensitive or customer information and safeguard your devices from malicious software.

Windows Driver Scanning

Simplify driver maintenance with instant visibility into all your Windows drivers. Lansweeper retrieves detailed information and organizes it into three categories: System, PnP, and Printers. You can customize the scanning frequency and use built-in reports to analyze and share results across your organization.  

Azure AD Scanning

Gain visibility of all your Azure AD users by creating a complete and accurate AD inventory with ease. Lansweeper scans all users across AD, whether they reside locally or in the cloud – or split between the two. 

Microsoft Store App Scanning

How many Microsoft apps have been added to your infrastructure lately? A lot, most likely. With new support for Microsoft Store App scanning, Lansweeper helps you keep track. You benefit from instant insight across a complete inventory of Microsoft software – app downloads included!

scanned Microsoft Store apps

LDAPS Support for AD Scanning

Lansweeper has always enabled AD scanning, but now you can access the AD domain the way Microsoft recommends – with LDAPS. This method of AD scanning enhances authentication for retrieving AD data. 


The Spring 2022 updates of Lansweeper are live and ready for you to start using them today! Simply start your free trial or update your current Installation to unlock these powerful new features!


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