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Getting Started

In this quick start guide, we’ll cover how you go from installing Lansweeper to successfully scanning Windows devices.

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Using Lansweeper Classic

Once you've installed your Lansweeper classic instance, check out our Getting Started webinars and tutorials.

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The Power of Reporting

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Reporting Resources

Customers love Lansweeper's reporting features!
These resources will help you optimize your experience with Lansweeper Reporting:

Report Library

Browse our Report Library of 400+ ready-made report templates.

Microsoft Patch Tuesday Audit

We create a monthly report which checks if the assets in your network are on the latest Patch Tuesday update.

Vulnerability Audits

Where software versions can be identified, vulnerability reports check if the software is not missing any security patches which could leave it exposed.

Lansweeper Classic Security Recommendations

Lansweeper Classic Scanning Best Practices

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