Workgroup Scanner

Automatically Discover Your Workgroup Computers

Lansweeper's workgroup scanner is an agentless, fully automated scanning method that scans any Windows workgroups submitted by you.Every 15 minutes, Lansweeper's advanced scanning algorithm retrieves a list of computers that are visible in the network browser, and that belong to the workgroups you've submitted for scanning. You can find your network browser in Windows Explorer, where it is listed after the Hard Drives.

Automatically scanning your workgroup computers ensures that your data is always up-to-date. Additionally, you can scan assets that are infrequently used and might not be online while a scheduled scanning target is performing a scan. Workgroup scans include the same information as any other type of Windows computer scans like hardware, software, peripherals, anti-virus, network interfaces, monitors, uptime and event log information.  Additionally, the workgroup scanning target also adds which workgroup the computer is in.


Analyze Your Workgroups

Use built-in reports to get an overview of the assets in your workgroups. By using custom reports, you can create an overview of all assets in a specific workgroup. Additionally, you can create even more complex custom reports. You can then filter the results. based on the workgroup the asset is located in.


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