Workgroup Scanner

Discover Your Workgroup Assets with Lansweeper's Automatically

Lansweeper's workgroup scanner is an agentless and fully automated scanning method that scans any Windows Workgroups in your network. Every fifteen minutes, our workgroup scanner automatically retrieves a list of all connected computers that are part of the workgroup that you have submitted for a workgroup scan. If the workgroup assets are visible in your network browser, Lansweeper can easily find their data and centralize it in a secure database. Lansweeper's automated workgroup scans are much faster than manually updating your data sheets, and more secure. Automated workgroup scanning makes it impossible to miss important or useful data.

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Find Workgroup Data in Seconds

Lansweeper's Workgroup Scanner can find the same information as other type of Windows computer scan in just a few seconds. You can remotely collect hardware, workgroup software, peripherals, anti-virus, network interfaces, monitors, uptime, and event log information. The workgroup scanner also tells you which workgroup the computer is in. All this workgroup data is stored and automatically organized in Lansweeper. Here you can easily and quickly consult the data you need.

Organize & Analyze Your Workgroup Data with Built-in Reports

Lansweeper gives you many different ways to organize your scanned workgroup data into categories. But our reporting feature is the most popular. With our built-in reports, you can quickly get a clear overview of all the assets in your workgroups. You can browse for the report you need in our extensive report library. You can also build custom reports and add any level of complexity you want to easily pin down exactly the data you need.

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Discover the Advantages of Agentless Workgroup Scanning

Lansweeper's workgroup scanner is an agentless scanner. This means that you do not have to install an agent on every workgroup computer, which will save you a lot of time and effort. The advantages of our agentless workgroup scanner are numerous: it is less intrusive, easy, and fast to deploy and is low maintenance. no need to update versions or upgrade the software. This workgroup scanner can be deployed on large nodes and uses very little resources such as CPU. And finally, the TCO (total cost of ownership) stays low too.

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