Exchange and Office 365 Scanning

Scan Your Exchange Server or Office 365 Organization

Lansweeper's email service scanner is an agentless, automated scanning method that scans detailed information about Exchange servers or Office 365 users and mailboxes. This data is critical for any business since both internal and external communication relies heavily on the email service running. Additionally, with the data retrieved, you can start managing users in greater detail thanks to the added mailbox, group and license information.

Centralize and Unify User Information

Lansweeper already scans Active Directory data from your network to retrieve users and their properties. By scanning an email service, Lansweeper enriches user information with the additional user and mailbox data retrieved from the email services such as groups, mailboxes, licenses, assigned plans and more.

This combination of AD, Exchange or Office 365 information ensures that wherever your data is located, Lansweeper provides a complete overview of your data in one centralized location.

Analyze & Manage User Information

Analyze and report on every detail with the built-in reports for Office 365 or Exchange. In addition to the built-in reports you can create custom reports to report on exact user or mailbox details that you need, whether they are from Active Directory, Exchange, Office 365 or a combination. With all the data in your hands you can easily find gaps, inconsistencies or possible issues like large mailboxes, groups missing users or users missing licenses and more. Turn any of the built-in or custom reports into an email alert so you can be informed quickly and resolve issues before any complaints come in.


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